Charlotte Tilbury Filmstars on the Go!

I am building quite a collection of Charlotte Tilbury products (see herehere, here and here!). Oh dear thats bad..

Anyway moving on.

This is the newly launched Filmstars on the Go palette (£42).  This is a lip/cheek/eye palette for when you are “on the go” of course! The stunning (as always) packaging houses a creamy metallic eyeshadow and a “Lip to Cheek” cream polish. I got the Spy Who Loved Me palette as it is described as being suited darker skin tones.







I have to say that this palette like everything else Charlotte Tilbury does is beautiful. The eyeshadow is the perfect rose gold shade, is creamy but lasts and is just stunning. The lip to cheek cream is a berry colour that is definitely better on my cheeks than my lips but thats fine by me as I love it on my cheeks. It has great colour pay off and leaves your cheeks blowy and lovely! So I would definitely recommend this new palette and I would act quickly if you want one as they are limited edition.


Small Zara Haul (again!)

Yes I did it again I went online shopping in Zara, ordered a few things from the new AW14 collection and what happens – they are all gorgeous so end up keeping all of it! Oh well…

So first up are two oversized blouses. One in a white geometric design and one leopard print (£29.99 each). I cannot get enough of leopard print!

These drape beautifully and I especially love the casual sleeves that are so flattering.





I also got this cute long sleeved dress (£29.99). I adore the colour and pattern, the cute sleeve design and that it has pockets – love pockets!!







Summer Skin for Darker Tones


So I wanted a moisturiser with a very subtle shimmer and I just couldn’t find one that wasn’t an oil or didn’t coast a fortune. Then I stumbled on this in the tanning section! I am sure you can guess that I don’t spend much time in the tanning section but this was a little surprise that I was pleased to have discovered.

Its basically a moisturiser with a gradual tan and subtle shimmer BUT made for darker skin tones! Woo Hoo! I love this I can’t say I notice my “tan” developing but it gives me the lovely shimmer I wanted in a good moisturising base at a very reasonable price (Dove Summer Glow Medium to Dark Skin £4.99). The smell is lovely too (not tanning product smell)!! So for all you darker beauties out there that are looking to enhance your skin with a bit of lovely shimmer this is a great one to go for!


Sorry but the shimmer doesn’t photograph well but trust me its very pretty ( and subtle)!

Oil Beauty Body Scrub by Garnier


I have to say I was extremely pleasantly surprised when I tried this body scrub (£7.15 from Boots). I was fully expecting an oily based scrub that would leave my shower slippery and my skin greasy.

Well I couldn’t have been more wrong. The scrub is moisturising but also very slightly foaming. This means that when you spread it over your body it actually feels cleansing without stripping. It doesn’t leave a greasy residue at all. I did feel like I still had use a moisturiser but it definitely didn’t feel drying.

I have been using this quite regularly and I really love it. It smells amazing and is a great alternative to tub based scrubs. I would definitely recommend this and will be taking some with me on holiday this year!




Magazine Inspiration Board – August

Well August is the September Issue month so magazines are huge and packed full of stuff. However this also means that summer is almost gone and the magazines are well and truly gearing up for the cooler months ahead… This is quite depressing but I have embraced the promise of cooler days to mean a change in my fashion tastes.

Starting with clothes I spotted these gorgeous offerings and yes they do mostly seem a bit dark and gothic but come the dark days of November they will look amazing! I am especially in love with the Warehouse dress (second picture below) that looks super expensive but is only £55!




I had to include a couple of coats especially the furry one from Whistle which I think is £250 (ouch)?



Next I have spotted a few hair products that I really liked, one of which I have already posted about here (Sunkiss Jelly). The other is an “ionic brush” that claims to reduce frizz – I am actually thinking of getting this for my daughter who has a lot of long thick hair that is regularly like a birds nest! Finally some new Bumble and Bumble products that sounds right up my street!




Finally of course there had to be some makeup/skincare. I am definitely interested to try the new Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain, but I have to admit I am maybe more tempted by the new Dior lip balms. I have already got a hefty collection of the L’Oreal Color Riche eyeshadows. They come in a range of finishes (matte, lumiere, nude,smoky and chameleon) and are an absolute dream to apply. I am also rather intrigued by the crazy wand shape of this Lancome mascara and the super cool reason of why it is shaped that way!





And for skincare I love this idea of using a balm cleanser with my Clarisonic – must try this!


Facefinity All Day Primer by Maxfactor

In the summer I like to use primers to try and keep my makeup lasting longer. This summer I am totally obsessed with the FaceFinity All Day Primer by Maxfactor (£10.99).

This stuff goes on so smoothly, without that silicone feel, has an SPF 20, doesn’t go cakey or sticky and basically does what it says on the bottle!


As you can see the texture below is really lovely and just like a light moisturiser.


I have definitely seen an improvement in how long my makeup stays looking fresh. I used this at the Isle of Wight festival and it most definitely helped me to look pretty OK after a long hot day dancing (see picture below!).







Charlotte Tilbury Beachstick

Yes Charlotte Tilbury lured me in again! This time its the new Beach Sticks (£30). I got the colour Es Vedra which is a vibrant orangey red with shimmer.


Let’s start with the stunning packaging. I mean who wouldn’t want this in their makeup bag?? The product itself is like a giant lipstick complete with twist up action!


Now for whats inside – beautiful, creamy, highly pigmented colour that smells divine! This stuff glides on like a dream, blends out beautifully and lasts all day on my cheeks.


On my lips its still absolutely gorgeous but can leave lips a little dry after a while so I tend to add a little lip balm to moisten things up.


This picture is with the beach stick on my lips and my cheeks – I love it and yes it is definitely coming to the beach with me!