Hawaiian Tropic – Golden Paradise Fragrance Mist

Sali Hughes is one of my main enablers! I cant tell you the number of times I have read her beauty column in the Guardian and rushed out to get whatever she is recommending.

This time it was so weirdly well timed, it was meant to be! I was about to purchase the cult classic summer fragrance – Estee Lauder’s Bronze Goddess Skinscent (about £43). I have bought this fragrance quite a few times and it never disappoints. However, literally on the day I was placing the order there was a whole article from Sali on summer fragrances, and yes Bronze Goddess was featured but even better Sali recommended a dupe – from Hawaiian Tropic! I have used Hawaiian Tropic sun care before so was familiar with the brand but not their fragrances.

The recommendation was for the Golden Paradise Fragrance Mist (described as a combination of warm sand and creamy coconut!). It was also on offer in Boots – 2 for £15 – they are normally £10 each! So I of course ordered two! I also added at the last minute the Silk Hydration Air Soft Face SPF30 (£8.50) which I thought would be a great everyday facial moisturiser for when I am on holiday without needing to have a separate SPF.

So back to the fragrance mist – yes this is a lovely dupe of Bronze Goddess and yes it smells like summer – sand and coconuts. It is creamy and yummy and just perfect! I also love the retro packaging – just on the right side of tacky! Summer in a bottle…

Oh and the moisturiser is also very good! I have been using it everyday even though I am not on holiday yet as I thought it would be better to face any break outs or reactions before I went away! So far I have had no problems with this, it is rich and hydrating and absorbs easily with no greasy residue. I am very happy with this and it is definitely coming with me on holiday!

So Hawaiian Tropic is a gem of a brand, great value summer products that really do deliver.


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