Perfect Black Skinny Trousers

Zara do skinny trousers well, and I have been living in these for the past few months (£25.99). They are mid rise biker trouser with lovely ribbed details and ankle zips. So easy to wear and super flattering.





Hair Healers

I found these two products by chance at my local Boots, the “Buy one get one half price” offer of course contributed to why I stopped! I wasn’t looking for haircare but am super pleased I stopped to look. These are two conditioners from Charles Worthington’s Moisture Seal Range.


The first is a Hair Healer Leave In Conditioner (£5.99). This is a gel crème conditioner with a range of oils including Argan oil, Coconut oil, Abyssinian oil, Tsubaki oil and Macadamia oil. It also works to prevent frizz and give thermal heat protection.

As it is a leave-in conditioner you apply it after washing and don’t rinse out.

The second product is the Overnight Ultimate Hair Healer (£6.99). Again this has got loads of lovely oils in it to repair dryness, frizz or damage and can be used once or twice a week onto dry hair, and left overnight. In the morning you are meant to wash this out (I have been know not to and that seems to work too!!).

I really like both these products, given the price range they are really effective and have left my hair much softer. They are meant to have a cumulative effect so I will keep using them and see how that works.

All in all a good accidental find!

The Faux-Gucci Loafer

I have been drooling over the Gucci loafer (in fact all Gucci shoes recently)! I am not major flat shoes fan but these just really appealed to me.

I finally found a “high street” dupe for a LOT less than the £400 for the original in Asos for £35!


I love these shoes, they are perfect shape (long on the foot?! and gold hardware of course!). I did size up to a 7 as the 6 were just a bit too snug.



I love these and will be living in them until they die on me.



Elemental Herbology Bath & Shower Oil Collection

As we get into the winter months my baths taken on a whole new level of relaxation and pampering! I love a good bath oil and although nothing ever seems to top Aromatherapy Associates I keep searching! This Five Element Aromatherapy Bath and Shower Oil Collection from Elemental Herbology has been a very lovely discovery (£35).


The oils are 100% natural and based on the Five Elements – wood, fire, earth, metal and water. You can use them alone or create your own “aroma-therapeutic infusion” by mixing them.


I love the way they look but more importantly they smell divine. Each oil has a different function to soothe, revive or relieve tension. It is a lovely collection that would make a great gift for bath lovers!