One & Done

I popped into Debenhams the other day to check out some of the new launches at Urban Decay. I managed to resist their new highlighter which looked amazing but did get their new One & Done Hybrid Complexion Perfector (£25).


Claiming “the benefits of a sheer foundation with the coverage of a tinted moisturiser..flaws seem to disappear. Over time, pores appear smaller and skin appears noticeably firmer and more radiant.”


This is really really really good stuff! I love that its more than just a makeup product and that it is SPF 25. It is a lovely consistency, that gives me the perfect coverage without heaviness and leaves my skin looking perfected and glowing. I wear the shade Dark and it’s a perfect match. I cannot rave about this enough. I am already thinking I need a second one as a backup in my handbag (not sure why but I do)!

Go try this out – you wont regret it.


Tularosa Carson Dress

I had never heard of the brand Tularosa before, but now that I have it seems to be everywhere. It’s not particularly cheap and is mainly stocked on Revolve but I found this dress on Asos. The minute I saw it I knew it had to be mine, its so me! I love the midnight blue cotton dotted with gold embroidered stars, so pretty! This is the Carson dress (£150).



I love the tassles and the frilled hem. This is going to get lots of wear, firstly at the Isle of Wight Festival in a few weeks time!



Blush Pink is the new Black

So it probably comes as no surprise that blush pink is my new favourite colour and I have slowly been accumulating a few items in that colour palette.
First is the beautiful lace skirt from Zara (£29.99). Its just a simple pencil skirt that is totally elevated by the lace and more importantly the colour. I am wearing it with a lovely gold-flecked t-shirt also from Zara (£15.99).


Next is this cut-out bomber jacket also from Zara. Again the colour for me is everything but the laser cut out detail is really pretty and unique. Bombers are very in this season and I think this is a good investment as I think it will still be relevant next year and year after!


I thought it would be cool to include this bomber jacket from New Look (£24.99) that my daughter begged me for. It is a lovely blush satin and looks super cute with loads of different outfits. She definitely loves it!

Whilst in New Look I also got myself this zip-front mini skirt (£19.99). Although it isn’t completely pink it has lots of pink in it which is what drew me in! Worn with the same Zara t-shirt as earlier.

Of course I had to include my new Asos jacket here too.

Finally from Forever 21 is this pretty midi dress with lace detail on the sleeves (£25). This is a darker blush but still so pretty and easy to wear. I love the lace detail as it add something special to a simple dress.
I thought I would also include some accessories in this post that I am loving in this palette –
Pink scarf H&M (£9.99)



Blush Leopard scarf Zara (£12.99)


Also had to put in they picture of these H&M Beauty nail polishes gorgeous blush tones!

Other blush pink items I have purchased over the months have featured in their own posts but I thought I would link them here –
Pink Cuffed Cargo Trousers
Cos Asymmetric Pink Blouse
Pink Camisole

The Cuffed Cargo

Whilst on holiday in Cape Town I came across a brand called Cotton On, which is a very Gap-like brand. I am not a very Gap-like person, but I did find these amazing cuffed cargo trousers there that were totally me! I got two one in a lovely dusky pink (my new colour obsession) and one in a camouflage print. I think they were about £25 each.









Cargo trousers are in this year (so I’ve been informed by Sheerluxe) and these are just more interesting than the average. They look good with flats and very very cool with heels. I wear my pink ones to work and they look very smart!

The Game Changer Lashlift

I hate eyelash curlers and I hate using them! But I have to. My eyelashes although thick and pretty long are very straight so curlers are a must. That is until I discovered the lash lift! I read about this on Vivianna Does Makeup and was immediately hooked on the idea. So I booked myself into my local beautician to get it done.

Just so you are aware you have to have a allergy test at least 24 hours ahead. So the lash lift itself cost me £25 and took about an hour to do. They start by protecting your lower lashes with a shield and then place a “mold” on your eyelids over which your lashes will be set to give it a curl. Then they apply the perm solution (and yes this stinks) and leave that on for 15 minutes. It didn’t sting and to be honest was quite relaxing! Then they apply the setting lotion (less smelly) and leave that for a further 15 minutes.

That’s it, once you have cleaned everything off there’s nothing more to do but enjoy your beautifully lifted lashes! I think you can get an eyelash curl which is different to the lift and sounded like you could end up with lashes that a literally curled back onto your lids which clearly didn’t appeal!


The lift is meant to last between 4-8 weeks. I am in week 2 and I am loving it. Not only do my lashes looked curled I also seem to have loads more lashes. I don’t have to apply mascara (picture above with no mascara) but I do (picture below with mascara) because it makes them look super thick and amazing!!


I would highly recommend this and to be honest this may well become a regular beauty treatment for me!


The Spring/Autumn Jacket

I was doing my usual late night browsing on Asos when I spotted this jacket (£70). It is the most beautiful dusky mauve in a woven fabric. I love the shape and length and fit. I think this is one of those jackets that goes with everything and I will get years of wear out of. It’s also not too heavy and not too light so great in the transitional months before and after summer. I am pretty sure this will also see me through summer evenings!





I think this is the perfect Spring/Autumn jacket! The fact that this colour is my total obsession at the moment helped too!

By the way I am loving my new selfie mirror in my daughters’s recently re-done bedroom!!