Monica Vinader Jewellery

I was lucky enough to receive a few things from Monica Vinader as gifts from my husband, my parents and my closest friend for Christmas and my birthday. I then also purchased a few rings for myself so I though that as I had built up a nice little collection I would do a post on it! IMG_8207  For Christmas my husband got me the Marie and Riva Diamond Shore Pendants. I wear these together or on their own and they are just stunning. IMG_8208 IMG_8210   IMG_9900   My friend then got me the Bali Friendship Bracelet in Rose Gold with the Rose Gold Metallica cord for my 40th. I have worn this everyday since she gave it to me. It is such a classic yet trendy piece and goes with everything. IMG_9892   IMG_9891   These are the rings I bought for myself. I went for the stacking rings. In the picture below on my index finger is the Siren Stacking Ring in White Topaz and the Ava Diamond Ring. On my middle finger is the Siren Stacking Ring in Moonstone. All are in yellow gold. I think these are so classic and versatile and can be worn so many different ways. IMG_9890   IMG_9889   IMG_9804 IMG_9805     And finally I got the Diamond Pave Skinny Long Ring and the Baja Ring with Grey Agate stone. These were a birthday present from my parents. I absolutely adore these rings. They are so different to anything I have and yet work so well with the other rings. IMG_0246 IMG_0252 IMG_0256 IMG_0242


Scrubby Soaps for Summer Ready Skin!

I rediscovered the “scrubby soap” concept recently. It is basically a bar of soap with bits in it that help exfoliate your skin leaving it soft and lovely!

The first contender is the Sanctuary Salt Scrub Bar (£5). This has got sea salt, loofah, sweet almond and evening primrose oils. It doesn’t really smell that much but I really like this. It doesn’t lather too much but feels very cleansing. The exfoliation isn’t too rough and it is great after a shave for avoiding any ingrown hairs! 



Next is the Dove Gentle Exfoliating Beauty Cream Bar (£1.35 for 2). This has got very fine exfoliants and 1/4 moisturising cream. Again I find this very gentle on my skin. This one lathers a bit more so feels more like a soap than the Sanctuary one. At that low price it’s an excellent staple to have in your shower at all times! I always take this on any beach holiday to make sure I keep my tan longer and my skin soft and smooth!


Will you be checking out the scrubby soap too this summer?


Magazine Inspiration Board – June

This month’s inspiration from magazines is  mainly focused on festival fashion with a few extra bits thrown in! First up are festival related images. I am going to the Isle of Wight festival (in fact I am there now!) so that’s probably why I was drawn to some of these. I really love boho tops and dresses and this one from Mango caught my eye. This is can also be beach wear which is quite handy! IMG_9967 I love hats and a trilby is a cute option for festivals. IMG_9980 Sunglasses are of course an essential piece of festival gear and I am really loving this perspex trend. IMG_9972 Of course a bit festival bling is always a good thing. I am so in love with all things Monica Vinader (post coming soon). IMG_9971 Finally for some festival makeup inspiration I was drawn to this page which showed you how to recreate the Chanel runway glitter eye liner. I remember when I first saw this I absolutely loved it but never thought I would have an opportunity to actually wear it. Well I am going to give it a go and have got myself some of that Topshop glitter and some facial glue! IMG_9976 Next for a little beach wear this kaftan looked like the perfect poolside accesory! IMG_9979 I think body mists are a great option when you are on the beach and I am definitely getting this Body Shop Shea Body Mist as I have smelt it and its so nutty and warm – holiday in a bottle! IMG_9965 Next up I spotted a couple of more elegant pieces that I am lusting after. First is the is Baia Bag. These are handmade in the UK and can can customised to your own colour scheme – genius! The Slouch Bag is on my wish list! I also love the dusky pink belt from Asos which would go perfectly with summer dresses. IMG_9974 Below is a cape from COS – who doesn’t need a cape in their lives?! IMG_9977 And finally to finish with a some home stuff – absolutely LOVE Tesco’s new pastel range – I have a few items and they are so gorgeous and very reasonably priced!   IMG_9968 And is there anything more perfect for the summer BBQ season than an old fashioned trolley – love this one from Ikea!   IMG_9978

Festival Wear

I found a few clothes recently that I thought would work really well for the Isle of Wight festival which I am going to today! I can’t wait and fingers crossed it won’t be raining. All these outfits will be paired with my trusted green Hunter wellies for the festival itself!

First is this beautiful cotton kaftan. I got this at the Spirit of Summer fair for £35 and I love it. The colours, pattern and and cut are just perfect. I am planning to either wear this with jeans or over shorts for the festival – depending on the weather! Also when I go to Malaysia on holiday later this year I can wear it on the beach over my swimming costume! Perfect! IMG_9912   IMG_9916The next few items are from Asos. First is the simple black loose v-neck kimono top (£25) and embroidered shorts (£28.50). The shorts are so cute and I love the flash of red with the sequins! The top is very versatile and goes with so many things in my wardrobe. I am probably going to layer this with black leggings for the evening at the festival when the temperature drops! IMG_9859 IMG_9858 IMG_9863 Finally I got this dress (also from Asos £28.50). I really liked the easy throw on look of this, the drop waist and the flowy material. I have been wearing this non stop and it will be so easy to style up for the festival with loads of jewellery and my new festival scarf (see below!). IMG_9873 IMG_9887 This is my “festival scarf”! I found it in TK Maxx for £12.95. It is from the brand Plomo o Plata. It is HUGE and so colourful! I am so in love with this scarf and it will keep me super warm too!IMG_9919 IMG_9922

Coconut Oil – Best Cleanser Ever!

I have had a jar of coconut oil lying about for a while and decided to try using it as it facial cleanser. I had heard great things about it’s cleansing powers so I thought I would test it out. So I found myself a lovely glass jar (mine is Jasper Conran from Debenhams) and melted the coconut oil and poured it in.

To use, I scoop out a small lump (it will cool solid) and rub it between dry hands until it turns back into an oil. I then massage the oil into my dry face. I then use a flannel and warm water to get all the oil off my face. This stuff removes everything, all your makeup and mascara without any effort or rubbing. A tiny amount goes a long way so its great value for money.

I have to say I am sold. I have used this every evening for weeks now and love it. My skin is left clean and beautifully soft. Coconut oil is meant to have antibacterial and anti fungal properties, whilst being very moisturising for your skin and hair.

You can get pure coconut oil in loads of places and its not that expensive. I got mine from Holland & Barrett for about £10. I would highly recommend trying this out. And if you don’t like it as a cleanser you can always cook with it!