NEW Babyliss Big Hair!

My Babyliss Big Hair broke. It was totally my fault. My hair was still wet and it was a disaster!

So of course I replaced it immediately with the New Babyliss Big Hair (£44.99 from Boots)! I can’t live without this (see earlier post) so it wasn’t a question whether or not to replace it just how quickly I could get my hands on one!

So the new one is the same size as the old one (50mm). The brush is bit better as the bristles are spaced out a bit more. Everything else is the same and just as good.



The results are as always so good and it is so easy to use. I just LOVE it!



Divine Oil – yes it is!

I got the Caudalie Divine Oil from HQ Hair as I had heard so many good things about it. I have to say I was not disappointed. This oil is just gorgeous. It is thick and luxurious and just an all round great product.

It is a multi-purpose dry oil that is a blend of grape, hibiscus, sesame and argan. I have used this on my skin, hair, nails, and even in the bath. It smells amazing sort of a subtle, floral scent with a hint of holidays in the sun!


The great thing is the bottle comes with a spray which means you waste less. I wouldn’t spray directly on to your hair as it is quite a viscous oil so I always spray into my hands and apply it wherever I need it.


At £25 for 100ml it is not cheap but I love using this to scent my hair and skin and the smell lasts and lasts. I even use this (sparingly) on my daughters hair and I can smell it on her for days after! I would highly recommend this to anyone!

Body Shop More Great Finds

Body Shop having been doing some great 50% off offers recently so I went in and got myself a whole load of things that I have either used before and loved or new things to try.

First I wanted to try the Chamomile Cleansing Oil (after trying the Cleansing Butter). This is not as good as the butter as I find I need to cleanse twice to get everything off but it is still quite nice and for £10 it is fairly reasonable. I would probably not get this again as I prefer the butter version.


Next I picked up a few things from the Honeymania range. I thought this would smell like honey which put me off but it is more of floral scent. It is quite a strong smell which I like. I got the showergel (£4), the body scrub (£12.50) and the body butter (£13). Love them all! Especially the body scrub it is just so buttery and makes your skin super soft and moisturised without any greasy residue.



Next I picked up the Shea showergel (£4) and body butter (£13). I really like the smell of this as it is quite nutty but subtle. So almost the exact opposite to Honeymania! The showergel is very creamy and doesnt foam too much and with the body butter my skin is left very moisturised which is great in the winter.



Finally I got an Olive showergel (£4) purely beacuse I loved the smell! It smells just like olive oil in a good way!


Duo Boots Part II

I couldn’t resist the Duo Boots sale! After falling in love with my first pair of Duo Boots which I have lived in I thought I would see if there was a flat black pair for a more casual look.

I found these Hutton boots immediately. There were reduced to £120 from £220. They are over the knee black leather and they are prefect! As always they come in a range of calf widths so they fit you perfectly. I got these in a size 39 and calf 34.


As you can see they look great with jeans, fit my calf perfectly and are just a great classic boot. They also go very well with skirts and dresses!




By Terry Baume de Rose

I have been wanting this By Terry Baume de Rose for AGES but could never justify spending the ridiculous amount of £35 for a lip balm! Well I was a very lucky girl and got this for Christmas and I and SO pleased with it. It is just the most amazing product. Not only does it smell divine but it does really soothe and transform cracked dry lips and cuticles into smooth loveliness!



I would highly recommend this product and am going to find it very very difficult not to replace it when it finishes! This has also made me want to try the Dior Creme de Rose lip balm which is a little cheaper at £20 and could be quite similar!

Wool and Lace

And yes here I am back to Zara again. I found this dress in literally five minutes as I was rushing through Zara a few weeks ago on the off chance I would spot something that just screamed me! And this dress is SO me!


It is a simple grey wool dress with a tie ribbon waist and best of all the lace detailing. I think the shape is very flattering and the whole dress is so chic! I just love this dress! It was £39.99 which I am going to say is most definitely a bargain as I will be wearing this A LOT!





IMG_8103Worn with Duo boots and Etsy necklace.

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Radiant Light

I have heard so much about the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders that I was so thrilled when my lovely friend bought me the Radiant Light for Christmas. I was a bit worried about how this product would work on dark skin as it looks quite light in the pan. The Radiant light colour is a sun-kissed golden beige that is meant to give a subtle warmth and summery glow. Well I have to say I am just blown away by this powder.


If you read about these powders it says that they are meant to “recreate the most exquisitely flattering light—from ethereal moonlight to luminous candlelight. Each powder captures, diffuses and softens surrounding light with groundbreaking photo luminescent technology”.

I have to be honest that is exactly what it looks like on my skin! Unfortunately I just can’t take a photo of how it makes my skin looks that does this product justice, you will just have to trust me! This is the best photo I could get!


The texture of the powder is very fine so is light on the skin. I find that you can keep using it throughout the day without looking too shimmery or glittery. This is definitely a totally new type of product and I can safely say I have nothing even vaguely like it in my vast makeup collection which to me is very exciting! Now that I have tried one I am definitely thinking of trying more! Next on my wishlist is Dim Light. You can get these for about £38.