New Discovery – Quiz Clothing

I was looking for a pair of embroidered jeans and I found this pair in Quiz. Its not a shop I have ever bought from before but I have to say that these jeans are so well made and fit well that I will definitely be going back for more!

These are the Indigo Blue and Red Rip Knee Jeans (£34.99).  I absolutely love the embroidery and the skinny fit with the frayed ankle.






Lacura Caviar Skincare

This is probably one of my more surprising discoveries. This brand is from Aldi and I don’t normally buy my skincare with my food shop but having read so many great reviews I had to give it a go. The Lacura Caviar creams are a crazy £6.99 each! Both creams contain Hyaluronic acid, caviar and also snow algae. Caviar is full of proteins, amino acids, vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids – great for anti-ageing, firming and moisturising; while the snow algae is meant to help your skin be more resilient and adaptable. The day cream also has SPF15, while the night cream has Provitamin B5. So just from these ingredients it is clear that this is no ordinary “supermarket” cream.


I have been using both creams for a couple of months now and I am so impressed. During the colder months I like a richer cream, and that’s exactly what these offer. This is meant for 40+ skin so it is rich and moisturising and nourishing and leaves my skin feeling pampered and protected.


I managed to also get hold of the 3 Minute Peel Mask (also £6.99). This is quite a powerful mask, along with the caviar extract, it also contains papaya enzyme complex and AHAs to exfoliate your skin, minimize pores and rejuvenate the skin’s surface. This really tingles when you put it on but after 1-2 minutes that clams down. It definitely helps to clear my skin and seems to also help blemish marks disappear faster. Again I am so impressed. I use this only about once a week as it is so powerful so I wouldn’t really recommend this for sensitive skin.


I am absolutely sold on this range and will definitely be re-purchasing these!


Rediscovering Lush

I go through phases with Lush, sometimes I love their products and sometimes I am just not that bothered! Well I am back to loving. This has mainly been triggered by their new range of bath oils. These are available online from the Lush Kitchen and are little packages of joy! I love my baths and am not a bubble fan (we will return to this in a minute). I am more of a aromatherapy bath oil or milk. So when I saw the bath oil range on the Lush website I had to give them a try. They are all about £2 for 20g (i.e. 1-2 baths). They come beautifully wrapped in pretty paper packages!

The ones I decided to try were

  • Dreamtime bath oil with chamomile blue and lavender oils
  • Floating Island bath oil with sandalwood and lemon oils
  • Monsieur Gustav bath oil with lavender and rose oils
  • Oil on Troubled Waters with oakwood absolute and peppermint oil.
  • Flowers Barrow bath oil with roman chamomile oil and rose absolute



All of these bath oils are incredible. They smell amazing and leave my skin so soft. It is definitely worth using a whole one if you are going to stay in for an hour but otherwise I use half at a time!

I also picked up some bubble bars (about £4-5 each) – yes I did say I don’t like bubbles, but I worked out that if I crumble these after I have run my bath I get all the benefits of the smell and luxuriousness without the annoying bubbles! I got

  • Rose Jam with lemon, rose and geranium
  • Blue Skies and Fluffy Clouds with patchouli and frankincense
  • Supertramp with patchouli, sandalwood and ginger
  • Unicorn Horn (for my daughter) with lavender and neroli


I have to say these bubble bars are so lovely. Again the smells are amazing but my skin isn’t left dried out by bubbles but moisturised and soft. The bigger bars last for at least 4-5 baths.


I then decided to venture into the skincare section and remembered how much I used to love Angels on Bare Skin (£7.25). This is a lovely exfoliating cleanser with lavender, rose, kaolin and ground almonds. I use this mainly in the morning as my exfoliant as its so gentle and smells so good!


I have most definitely got the Lush bug again and can feel more purchases coming soon!

Liz Earle Superskin Overnight Mask

I am a fan of overnight masks, working hard to fix your skin while you sleep, like skin fairies! Well that’s how I like to imagine it! Also there is nothing more relaxing or luxurious than applying a lovely treatment to your face before bed, with a little massage to help it along the way. This mask from Liz Earle (£42) is very very rich and nourishing. It smells interesting, there is a definite fishy note but it is quite hidden by the other lovely ingredients –“ extracts of Persian silk tree to brighten and even skin tone, pomegranate flower to firm, plus buriti, borage, rosehip and cranberry seed oils to intensely nourish and lock moisture onto skin”.


If you don’t like feeling a residue on your skin this isn’t for you. No matter how much I massage this in there is always a residue. I however love that, it makes me feel like it will stay on all night and therefore have a greater effect! This is not say that the product doesn’t get absorbed – it definitely does! My skin is always so soft and plump the next morning, its difficult to restrain myself to only using this 1-2 a week as instructed!


On another note £42 for a whopping 100ml is great value! After 2 months of use there is still more than ¾ of the jar left!


Gucci @ Clarks

I love Clarks for heels that I can live in without breaking my feet while also looking good! I saw these ages ago and resisted them but then I found them in the sale for £25 and I had to get them. They remind me of the Gucci heeled loafer. They are the Gabriel Soho 70s Heeled Loafer.

I absolutely love the shape, the burgundy snakeskin and the chunky heel. Together I think they make a beautiful and unique show that works all year!




I have get so many comments when I wear these, they are definitely a great addition to my show collection and one I know will last.


Clarins Detox Booster

I like the idea of boosters to add to your regular skincare to make them more effective or deal with different issues depending on your needs. I picked up the Clarins Detox Booster (£30) which is designed to protect your skin against the effects of pollution or overindulging. The Detox Booster has green coffee extract to detoxify and purify your skin, while reviving radiance.


To use you add 3 – 5 drops to your existing moisturiser, face mask or foundation for an intensive, detoxifying boost. I have mainly been using this with my moisturiser but have tried it with foundation and that works too.


I cant honestly say I have noticed any effects since I started using this, which is about a month ago. I don’t see any good or bad effects which makes me question if it is doing anything! At £30 for 15ml I would expect to notice some difference. So I have to say I am quite disappointed and would definitely not recommend this. Stick to a good skin cream and serum!