Moda in Pelle – Amicascarf

This scarf was featured in my Christmas wish list and I will admit I couldn’t resist and got it for myself. It’s the Moda in Pelle Amicascarf (was on offer at £39.95 reduced from £49.95).


I absolutely love the combination of leopard print and lace. The colours are golden and beautiful and whole effect is very unique.







Colab Luxe Shine Glossing Hair Fragrance

I have had this for a while and used it a lot over the festive period – its the new(ish) Colab Luxe Shine Glossing Hair Fragrance (£4.99).


This hair spray is a “nourishing blend of precious oils, silk extracts and shimmering diamond dust, this luxurious feather-light mist adds a touch of silken gloss, smoothing and illuminating your hair”. I really  enjoy using this. It definitely has a fragrance – light and musky – which is perfect and not too strong. It definitely leaves your hair shiny and holds a style. It also has a shimmer in it but its not too much. All in all a lovely hairspray for glamorous parties!

L’Oreal – Extraordinary Oil for Hair

I love L’Oreal’s Extraordinary Oil and have been using it for years (see here and here and here) so when I saw the shampoo and conditioner I had to try them.


I got the shampoo for very dry rebellious hair and the conditioner for dry to very dry hair (both £3.99 each). The shampoo is very moisturising and doesn’t strip my hair. The conditioner is really softening and doesn’t leave a greasy finish.

I always add some the Extraordinary Oil after washing and before I blow dry and the whole set together really seem to make my hair soft, shiny and silky!


Discovering Aritzia

I kept hearing about Aritzia scarves and clothes – if you have a look online you will fall in love. The clothes are simple yet different and their scarves are to die for! As it is a Canadian company I didn’t think I would ever get my hands on anything – well I was in luck! A lovely friend of mine went to New York and got me a scarf and I couldn’t be happier – so much so that I contacted Aritizia and they said that they would happily ship to the UK!

So after much deliberation (and I mean MUCH) I decided on the Wilfred Diamond Mosaic Blanket ($85) in Birch/Light Grey.


This scarf is HUGE and soft and utterly gorgeous. There are loads of different ways to wear it which I have tried to demonstrate in the pictures. I love just wearing it simply draped, which really shows off the scarf.



Thrown over one shoulder looks amazing too..!



And then the classic neck wrap.



And finally as a shawl, perfection.




I know I will be getting more of these – just need to decide which one!

Supermarket find – In-Shower Moisturiser

I was doing my food shopping in Aldi and saw this Lacura in-shower moisturiser and decided to give it a try, at £1.39 I didn’t think  I would regret it!! Well I more than didn’t regret it – I loved it!


Its a rich creamy consistency that applies well and rinses easily without leaving your shower a dangerous place! It definitely leaves my skin feeling soft and moisturised. I have dry skin so I always apply a body cream, but I have to admit that I can get away with just this on some days. Mostly I layer on a body cream after and the doubling effect is perfect in the winter months!

Very chuffed with my new discovery!

Winter Maxi

Maxi dresses in winter is another trend that is back. This is quite a seventies look and I do love it. I found this dress in Zara (£39.99).


What drew me in was definitely the autumnal colours, but on closer inspection the keyhole neck and the slightly shorter length makes this a winner.



The dress is gorgeous and works with boots and heels as needed. I have paired it with a furry gilet which I got last year from H&M. I think this adds to the seventies look!