Three Cleansers

I love a good cleanser and I have really been enjoying these three affordable options.

First is the Garnier Oil Infused Micellar Water (5.99). I use this as my first cleanse when I am wearing a bit more makeup than usual or waterproof mascara. It really gets everything off but for me is never enough on its own. I use cotton wool soaked in this and always follow this with another richer cleanser like the next two.

Next is a lovely Milky Cleansing Oil by Melvita (£13). This smells divine, of course of roses. This oil to milk formula is wonderful to get your skin clean without drying. I use this on dry skin and the use a wet hot cloth to take it off.

Finally this Vitamin E Cream Cleanser by the Body Shop is great basic cleanser (£7.50). Its no fuss easy to use & gets everything off. I again use this on dry skin and remove with a wet hot cloth.

I am definitely more of hot cloth cleanser fan but the micellar water is a good starting point. I just love cleansers that really clean my skin without drying and also feel like they are doing something good too!



Garnier Body Care


I really like Garnier body care and these two have become firm favourites in my house. First is the Garnier Ultimate Blends Delicate Oat Balm (£5.99). I got this for my daughter as she has quite dry skin on her face and body and this is so good for her. It is designed for sensitive dry skin and can be used on your face and body. It is quite a thick balm but isn’t greasy at all. I absolutely love the smell of this especially on my daughter!


The second is the Garnier Body Oil Beauty Extra Dry Restoring Lotion (£4.99). This is a lovely body cream infused with four different oils – Babassu, Shea, Avocado and Almond. Again this works wonders on dry legs and arms and also smells divine.


Summer Body Duo


I love a good scrub and cream combo in the summer, and these two from Garnier work perfectly.

The Garnier Body Tonic scrub (£6.99) is citrusy, refreshing yet moisturising. It really exfoliates your skin but it also lathers to cleanse. I love this in the summer, it makes my skin feel soft and smells so zingy.


The Body Repair Lotion (£.5.45) is a lovely light lotion that packs a real punch.


I often get very dry legs and arms in the summer and this lotion applied after the scrub is perfect. My skin is moisturised all day and left looking silky!

So the perfect duo for perfect summer skin!


Garnier’s Miracle Sleeping Cream

I got this with my March My Little Box and have been using this regularly ever since. This is a lovely night cream from Garnier called Miracle Sleeping Cream (£13.99). It is inspired my Asian skincare and works like a night mask to restore moisture and smooth the skin. It has a lovely gel cream texture that absorbs well and leaves the skin feeling hydrated and soft. The cream itself is quite odd in that when you scoop some out after a little while the surface of the cream goes back to being smooth – very cool!




Back to smooth surface again!


I have really been enjoying using this and definitely feel like my skin os more hydrated in the morning. I can’t say I have noticed any other changes but I am going to keep using this as it is lovely!

Oil Beauty Body Scrub by Garnier


I have to say I was extremely pleasantly surprised when I tried this body scrub (£7.15 from Boots). I was fully expecting an oily based scrub that would leave my shower slippery and my skin greasy.

Well I couldn’t have been more wrong. The scrub is moisturising but also very slightly foaming. This means that when you spread it over your body it actually feels cleansing without stripping. It doesn’t leave a greasy residue at all. I did feel like I still had use a moisturiser but it definitely didn’t feel drying.

I have been using this quite regularly and I really love it. It smells amazing and is a great alternative to tub based scrubs. I would definitely recommend this and will be taking some with me on holiday this year!




“Brightening” Face Creams

I really like the idea of skin brightening serums and creams. I have tried three different brightening face creams over the past six months. I have been using the first two serums a lot since I was left with some scarring from blemishes – my skin has settled down now with the help of the Effaclar Duo. These serums and creams are meant to help with brightening the skin, reducing pigmentation and scarring and generally giving you a more radiant complexion.

First up is the L’Oreal Youthcode Luminize Serum. This stuff is lovely! It has a silky texture that absorbs really well and isn’t heavy on the skin. It’s also got a kind of highlighting effect as it is slightly pearlescent. For me, this gives my skin a really glowy look which, because I tend to use this for the day only, works really well under light makeup. It is meant to be very effective at reducing pigmentation and dark spots and I have to say that I find it really is helping my skin recover from blemish scars.  This normally costs about £16 from Boots or Superdrug but to be honest I have always managed to get it on offer for less.



The next product which I mainly use at night is the much talked about Garnier Dark Spot Corrector which costs about £9.99 from Boots or Superdrug. This stuff is packed with Vitamin C which is supposed to work wonders on dark spots and pigmentation. This again has a really light texture which absorbs really easily. I prefer using this at night only because I like the highlighting effect of the L’Oreal Youthcode for the day. I feel like this is almost as effective as the L’Oreal Youthcode and I find the two work together quite well for me. I have fairly normal skin so I don’t need to use heavy moisturisers even in the winter. Both these serums provide me with adequate moisture and do seem to make my skin look brighter.


And finally we have Clinique Even Better Skin Tone Correcting Lotion (about £35). This is also a brightening product that is meant to minimise dark spots and skin pigmentation. This has a built in SPF 20. I used this a lot when I was on holiday in Malaysia – I got it Duty Free on my way there. I found the texture, although still quite light, a bit too heavy for me. To be honest I think that is because of the SPF which seems to make creams a little heavier. As you can see from the picture, it’s still a very light lotion but it’s not a serum. I haven’t used this much since my holiday but will probably use it in the summer. I did like it but didn’t feel that it was as effective as the L’Oreal or the Garnier.



Overall my favourite is definitely the L’Oreal Youthcode which I will definitely be buying again. As for the other two – I am not so sure!