So I didn’t know if I was going to just carry on with this blog and try and make things work during this period of my life but then I decided that it didn’t feel right so I am going to be honest and fair to myself and just say I can’t do it all!

Intermission – that’s what I am doing here. Taking a break, giving myself breathing space and trying not to feel guilty about it!

“So what’s going on?” I hear you ask! Well here it is. After 18 years of marriage and one beautiful 10 year old daughter I am getting a divorce. It’s been six months since the whole thing properly started and we have now reached the point at which we will physically go our separate ways.

Our house is sold, my daughter and I have found a new place that we love just down the road that we are moving into as we speak!

So, with all this going on, plus my full time job and getting myself and my daughter through this as unscathed as possible, the blog is the thing that I am going to have to put on pause.

I love my blog, but lately it’s felt disconnected from my real life and that has made me love it a little less. It’s time for a new start and a fresh perspective.

This blog will be back but maybe focus on other stuff too, like life and home and new beginnings. Fashion and beauty will always be my passions but I think I am going to be finding joy in so many different things that I want to share here.

So if you can bear with me while I take some time, hit refresh and come back with some new stuff that gets my juices going then I would be very grateful. I will be honest I don’t know how long I will be gone but hopefully not too long…

So wish me me luck and meanwhile I will be on Instagram cause I just love Instagram – who doesn’t?!

Thank you



More from Aldi

After the amazing Aldi Lacura Caviar skincare I tested and loved here, I spotted this eye cream for £4.99 and decided to give t a go too. This is the Lacura Vitacell eye cream.


The cream contains Vitasource™, which is meant to help protect DNA and promote young cells and also stem cells from sea plants to improve the structure and elasticity of the skin. This is designed for more mature skins (over 45) I am almost 43 so not too far off! The cream is rich but not too heavy and goes on really smoothly. A little goes a long way!


I have really been enjoying using this. My eye area feels hydrated but I can’t tell of there has been any change in terms of lines and wrinkles, but to be honest my main concern is hydration and smoothness which this is giving me. Again at this price its definitely one to try!

I then also saw this 7 Day Intensive Treatment (£4.99!). This has 7 day and 7 night ampoules. This is a highly concentrated regime for day and night, with caviar extract and hyaluronic acid to increase moisture in the skin.

The day ampoules contain provitamin B5 to combat external environments factors and the night ampoules have duo hyaluronic complex to help keep skin moisturised throughout the night.

There is actually enough in each ampoule for 3-4 treatments in my opinion which makes this even more value for money! The textures are different – the day ampoule is lighter while the night one is stickier.

Neither feels odd on the skin and both absorb easily. I really love this, its like a boost for your skin and the hydration really shows. I am totally impressed. This set is not always available in store so if you spot it I would recommend your grab it!