Summer Evening Outfits

I had a few evening parties in May and this is what I wore. First is this look – I got the skirt from Topshop (£45) months ago. I decided to go with my New Look knit and Whistles Kir Royale ankle boots in taupe. I think its a great look for a evening party thats not too dressy or too casual. Plus it kept me warm as the evening got cooler! IMG_9272 IMG_9274 Next is this ripped jeans and peplum top. The jeans are from Zara (£29.99) and the top was in the sale from Anthropologie (it was about £29.99 reduced from £99!). The sequin shrug is really old and the shoes are Clarks from last year. IMG_9532 IMG_9536  IMG_9533


I really liked both outfits and felt like they were something a bit different.


Trio of Shower Joy from Soap and Glory

Yes there was a 3 for 2 offer in Boots and yes I went for three Soap and Glory shower gels! These are my favourite affordable shower gels (about £6.50 each). I love how creamy they are, how little you need to use, their smells and how all of them leave my skin soft and moisturised!

So I went for Clean on Me, Clean Girls and Foam Call.


Clean on Me is a clarifying shower gel which I do feel makes my skin smoother.

Clean Girls is very creamy and smells so lovely!

Foam Call is very very foamy (!) without being drying and has a zingy citrus scent.

New Look for Spring/Summer

I have been popping into New Look quite regularly and have been slowly building up quite a collection of new things from there, some I have already posted about and some I haven’t so here they all are in one hit! First up is this light knit in a pinky/lilac. I love the mixed coloured bobbles on it! £17.99 (reduced to £12.99) IMG_9248 IMG_9236 Two simple t-shirts below in grey and black and grey stripes (2 for £12). IMG_9149 IMG_9282 Another grey t-shirt but this one is darker with short sleeves (£8.99). This hangs so well I love it! IMG_9223 And of course the “transitional jacket” £24.99 in pink and navy which I have already blogged about. IMG_9186 IMG_9352  Finally a very very summery piece – a chiffon longline kimono (£22.99). I just really loved the colours and I think this is versatile enough to wear with loads of different outfits. IMG_9787   IMG_9793   IMG_9791



I know I am coming a little late to this co-washing party but I am here now ! So co-washing is NOT about sharing your shower/bath with someone else – phew! It is basically washing your hair with only conditoner. By that I do not mean the good old shampoo and conditoner in one but just a “cleansing” conditioner. The main thing to get your head (or hair!) round is that these cleansing conditoners do not lather. Pyschologically that is quite hard for someone who likes a good lather. As my hair is so thick (and quite dry) I can get away with only shampooing once a week and I dont need to use dry shampoo in between. I do sometimes use it just cause I like it but I dont get greasy roots. So the whole idea of washing with a conditoner is quite appealing to someone like me with thick dry hair.

So how did I get on? Well first off I wasnt willing to spend lots of money on my first try of this so I went for a very reasonably priced option from Feel Unique – the Palmers Olive Oil version. This was a pleasing £5.99 each so I got two and free delivery!

The consistency is just like conditioner. This one smells a bit like peppermint which is nice. The instructions say to use anywhere from 10-40 pumps depending on thickness and length. I probably used about 40! It is very weird, I won’t lie it feels all wrong! I massaged it into my hair added a little water and massaged some more. Then I combed through and left the conditioning cleanser in while I finished the rest of my showering. Then I rinsed it out thoroughly. My hair definitely felt soft and lovely and not at all dirty or “unclean”. I dried it as usual with my Babyliss Big Hair and without using another products and this is what it looked like.



Well I think it looks very well conditioned and fresh! I did like this but have to say it actually took longer than my usual shampoo and conditioner! I also felt that my hair did feel a bit greasy faster than usual. So I think I would most likely use this when my hair feels like it needs a bit of TLC and not for every wash. I am definitely glad I tried this out and will carry on with them until my two bottles are finished at which point I imagine there will be a lot more brands jumping on this bandwagon!






Slobbing in Style?

I saw these joggers in H&M and couldn’t resist them. I knew I would never wear them out of the house and yet I wanted to get them as I could immediately picture myself lounging around in these looking a little more stylish than I normally do when slobbing! They were £14.99 and worth every penny. I am LIVING in these. They SO comfortable and don’t look half bad?! IMG_9146 IMG_9149 For full effect I am barefoot! T-shirts are from New Look. The next set of slobbing in style purchases are from Primark. I got some beautifully soft, pastel/jewel coloured sweatshirts (£6 each) and a couple of pairs of funky leggings (£4 each I think!). IMG_9441 IMG_9449 IMG_9531

Of course I have paired these with my Birkenstock Arizona which are very slobbing in style!

Magazine Inspiration Board – May

I LOVE fashion magazines and subscribe to quite a few. Every month I devour each page looking for inspiration on fashion, beauty and home and even gardens. So I thought I would start a new regular post that featured all the things that inspired me each month. Obviously magazines are always a month ahead but I will do it in the month that I receive them to make sure that you can look out for anything that may inspire you too!!

First are some gorgeous summer sandals – sliders are the new thing for the summer and I spotted these from New Look and River Island. I am definitely going to keep my eyes open for the New Look leopard print ones – they are perfect! IMG_9455 IMG_9467 Of course I had to include the Birkenstock Arizona – here is my post on it! IMG_9594 I love the see through blue bangle from Topshop – will be perfect for the beach! IMG_9544 Next I spotted this lovely lace dress from Zara – love the layered skirt effect. IMG_9459 I also really liked the look of this animal print jumpsuit from Matalan. Very chic and the price is amazing! IMG_9462   I love the look of this collection by Vika Gazinskaya for & Other Stories and will be looking out for that spotted dress when the collection launches on 15th May.IMG_9590

Finally a few beauty things. I need this Prodigieux perfume from Nuxe. I hear it smells just like their oils which would make it scent heaven to me! IMG_9469

Having recently done a post about cleansing powders I was pleased to see I mentioned quite a few of these products! IMG_9543I am in a bit of a pink mood and these two products caught my eye. The Nars Illuminator looks so pretty

IMG_9585 IMG_9596  As I am going to the Isle of Wight festival next month this is definitely a product I am keen to try!

IMG_9589Finally I just absolutely loved this makeup look – the coloured eyelashes teamed with a small centre of colour just looks amazing! I have been experimenting to recreate this look and was quite pleased with the results! IMG_9465IMG_9508IMG_9511IMG_9513