The last time I was writing here, Inika and I were just about to move home. Just over two months later, we are all settled into our new home and new life. I love how simple that makes it sound. Like we clicked our fingers and here we are! It wasn’t as traumatic as I thought it would be, in fact it was pretty smooth! The movers who packed and moved us were just brilliant. They packed everything with care, nothing was broken and they were so kind and helpful moving us into our new house. There were boxes everywhere and yet it started to feel like home almost straightaway.

The picture below is Inika and I on our first night, cuddling on the sofa, exhausted with an Indian takeaway!

Three days after we moved in was my 43rd birthday, and Inika and I celebrated together Β in the garden me with pink fizz and Inika with her non-alcoholic version! It was a very happy day.

I feel ready to start this blog again, but not too quickly or like it was before. I just wanted to touch base, say hi and let you all know we are doing great!

This house is incredible, light and full of hope…I am so in love with it. We have spent the past 2 months re-decorating. It is entirely my taste and I have just taken it as far as I wanted to, sod conservative!

I can’t wait to see the seasons here, so far summer has been a revelation!

I will leave it here for today, but I will be back, gradually…it feels good to re-begin!