My Daughters Room

My daughters room has taken a while and its still not quite right! Storage is definitely an issue but I am giving up on it looking clutter free as she loves it! She is now 11 and we wanted a room that she could grow with and love for a good few years.

So before we decorated it was a very tired looking room, with a desk and a futon on the floor.

Below is the after picture, with lemur wallpaper and all her toys! The wallpaper felt right as a continuation of the theme in the rest of the house!

Its a lovely bright room, thats full of colour and fun. The bed is an old Ikea bed that we spray painted copper and strung some lovely fairy lights on. The curtains and the bean bag were custom made by a lovely local tailor. The blue rug is from Homesense and the Persian rug is a family piece.

As you can see she has lots of stuff and we have a mish mash of storage solutions mostly from Ikea and eventually we might change things around but for now it works for her.

My daughter loves her room, she has loads of space to play, relax and have friend over too!