Summer Skin for Darker Tones


So I wanted a moisturiser with a very subtle shimmer and I just couldn’t find one that wasn’t an oil or didn’t coast a fortune. Then I stumbled on this in the tanning section! I am sure you can guess that I don’t spend much time in the tanning section but this was a little surprise that I was pleased to have discovered.

Its basically a moisturiser with a gradual tan and subtle shimmer BUT made for darker skin tones! Woo Hoo! I love this I can’t say I notice my “tan” developing but it gives me the lovely shimmer I wanted in a good moisturising base at a very reasonable price (Dove Summer Glow Medium to Dark Skin £4.99). The smell is lovely too (not tanning product smell)!! So for all you darker beauties out there that are looking to enhance your skin with a bit of lovely shimmer this is a great one to go for!


Sorry but the shimmer doesn’t photograph well but trust me its very pretty ( and subtle)!


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