Sequins to end the Year

Sequins are always a good idea, no matter when, but for New Year’s Eve they are fabulous! This beautiful Zara sequinned and embroidered cardigan (£119) is a stunning piece.


I love the darker gold and the fact that it flows beautifully. A classic that will last you years!





Going for Gold

Well it is almost the end of 2016, and if you are partying the night away this is a fabulous and grown up New Year’s eve outfit.


This is an amazing Zara blouse (£25.99). A beautiful sheer black and gold foil leopard print. I mean does it get better for someone like me who adores gold and leopard print??!

The skirt is an old favourite given to me by my best friend years ago (see here).




Add a red lip and you’re ready to go!

Hourglass Strobe Lighting Powder in Brilliant

As you may have worked out Hourglass is fast becoming a favourite makeup brand! This gorgeous Strobe Lighting Powder in Brilliant is just another amazing product (£34).


Brilliant is a golden powder that just leaves my skin looking glowing and illuminated. It is very fine and so goes on so smoothly and can be built up for more impact or subtly if needed.


I love this new addition to my Hourglass collection!



The Winter Shawl

Winter shawls are an essential part of my wardobe. I love a warm, huge shawl that I can either wear as a wrap or as a scarf. These are two of my current favourites.

The first one is annoyingly from the Isle of Wight Festival (was £25 I think). I am SO glad I grabbed this when I saw it or I know I would have forever regretted it. It is a beautiful blush pink Indian wool pashmina. I love the colour and the paisley print. It is huge and warm and just gorgeous. Plus it adds a lovely burst of colour to a dull winter’s day!



The second is this stunning black shawl with gold embridered stars from Zara (£22.99). Again this is very large and warm. It is more of an evening shawl but in the winter works well during the day too.



The Ridiculously Affordable Beauty Range

Deceim is a very interesting company with a number of brands that you will have heard of including Niod, Hylamide, Hand Chemistry, Fountain and now The Ordinary.

The Ordinary offers a range of skincare based on very popular skin solutions such as Hyaluronic Acid, Lactic Acid, Retinoid, Vitamin C etc. Prices are all below £20 (quite a lot below!).
I couldn’t believe it when I heard of this brand and once it was given the Caroline Hirons seal of approval I was sold. I got three products from the range – the Lactic Acid 5% & HA 2%; the Advanced Retinoid 2% and Niacinamide 10% and Zinc 1%.


The website can give you all the information on the chemicals, how they work and how to use the range of products (including in what order!). I went for a selection that targets anti-ageing, skin brightening, pigmentation and blemish prevention. I use the lactic acid and retinoid at night, sometimes together sometimes individually. I use the Niacinamide daily before other skin care.

These are no nonsense products that look like a chemistry set which I actually love the look of! The sizes are very generous (mostly 30ml) which lasts for months.

I have used these for about 2-3 months and to be honest my skin did not love it! However I persisted because I believed in the potency of the ingredients. I also think that skin sometimes goes through a transition period with some more powerful skincare that it can take time to see the benefits.

So after about 3 months  I am really amazed to report a transformation in my skin! I am literally blemish free and my skin is smooth and looking the best it has for a long time!  I can’t see a time when I won’t have a selection of their products and at these prices that won’t  be hard to do.

I cannot recommend this range more. I love the very simple way the products are put together  and believe this is the one skincare brand worth trying out in 2017!

The Unexpected

I recently did a Primark haul and because it was a good one, I went back in looking for more! This time I found this very unexpected beautiful bronze blouse. Unexpected because it looks expensive and actually is very beautiful for the £10 price tag.




I adore this blouse, it looks chic, expensive and just something completely different that is great for work or a grown up night out.

Finally a Pleated Skirt for me

I have been desperate to get myself a proper pleated skirt after months of seeing them all over Instagram and fashion blogs. For some reason I just couldn’t find one that suited me, believe me I must have tried on at least 20 different ones!

Just as I was about to give up on this trend I spotted a muted gold version on the “grab it now” rail in Zara. Now you know my love for all things Zara – of course I had tried on a fair number of Zara versions but never found one that worked, until this one!

This is a beautiful skirt. The material is soft and flowy and the colour is perfection. It was £39.99.




I am so pleased with this skirt. I am definitely going to wear this a lot – even to work once I have exhausted it for evenings out and of course Christmas!