About me

My name is Chitra Hotston and I am 41 years old. Anyone who knows me knows that I am totally obsessed with anything fashion and beauty.

I spend a lot of my spare time on-line reading about fashion and makeup and anything related! I subscribe to all the major fashion magazines and am a weekly Grazia reader. All this reading basically fuels my passion and often my shopping!

I love buying new things but don’t really like spending loads on one item so I tend to stick to the high street. Every now and then I do make an investment purchase but its not the norm.


As you can probably tell from my pictures I am Asian, Sri Lankan Malaysian to be specific. I have dark olive skin and thick curly hair! This is another reason why I have started this blog as I don’t think there are enough sites out there for people with darker skin and crazy hair who still want to follow the trends.

Also..I  have a gorgeous 12 year old daughter called Inika. During the day I am a full time programme manager in the environment sector. I currently live in Winchester, UK.


11 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hi Chitra,

    I am very happy to hear you have a site for darker skin sisters out there. I myself is light skin but can become very tan during the summer time. I am really tired seeing girls trying to lighten their skin tone. I am proud to be Asian and blessed with how my skin looks. I just want to personally thank you.

  2. Lol @ the crazy hair. I would LOVE to have your hair! I look forward to reading your posts, I started my blog for the same reasons (minus the crazy hair because there’s no way I can tame mine!) 🙂

  3. I came across your blog whilst searching for Charlotte Tilbury products and it was really good to see the products on a skintone similar to mine. I will enjoy reading your blog.

  4. I did the same as Aysha – and wanted to say a big big thank you for the blog in particular re Charlotte T. I’m looking forward to reading your adventures!.

    Too true – not enough blogs for dark Asian skin.

    I’m sure you’ve amassed tons of make up that just didn’t quite suit our colour (I keep mine in a huge box to remind myself of the fact to not be fooled into parting with my money! – but to be fair these were mostly low end brands ie No7 – paid for a make over at boots Piccadilly Circus and came out looking like death – poor hubby was very supportive as we were roaming the west end but admitted he didn’t have the heart to say I looked awful)!!! ….. but then there was the time I paid a fortune with Mac at Forberts place and walked out looking like a transvestite – no seriously – I did.

    I’ve picked some exact colours from CT as you ‘and expecting a delivery in a day or two. I’m thrilled you blogged about the beach stick and it looks GORGEOUS on you – so I’m in!

    Bless you!

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