Khiels Avocado Eye Cream

Every now and then my eye area needs some extra help to stop it looking dry and crepey and of course wrinkly! Having heard many good things about Kiehl’s Creamy Avocado Eye Treatment (£20 for 14ml) I decided to give it a go.


I went for the smaller tub as a little goes a very long way and I know I get bored easily!


The consistency is very thick and very creamy (as the name suggests!). The texture is strange as you are meant to gently tap the product until it “pops” and feels like water! I actually really like this. It is the right level of richness for my eyes and so far helps keep everything looking smooth and hydrated!


The Bag Scarf

I love this trend for tying scarves around your bags in different ways. It is a great way to update a bag and to use your scarves! Below is my Mulberry with a Zara scarf simply tied. The colours work really well together and just adds something special to an already gorgeous bag!



Another Mulberry this time with a Diane von Furstenberg scarf.



Finally another Mulberry (!) with a vintage Christian Dior scarf.