The Landing/Study

This is an odd space to write about specifically but I have to say I just love sitting at my desk on the landing so I thought I may as well write about it too! So before it was fairly sparse as you can see but straightaway I knew this was going to be my study! Having only 2 bedrooms means that you have to be a bit clever with where you put things and this landing is huge so lends itself well to being a working space as opposed to dead space!

This is the landing after. The main feature is the wallpaper from the hallway that wraps all the way round. I love that it creates this enclosed space around the desk and really frames the space making it special and not just a landing. I love the skylight above the desk, its a great place to watch the rain or the stars…

The desk was made for the space so stretches the length and depth of the nook and gives me loads of space both on the desk and below. I am planning lots of baskets etc to store things in but for now I am using what I already had.

The office chair is new and from Made. I love the grey fabric and the brass legs. I have added a velvet cushion and a colourful throw to add comfort and interest. The rug under the desk is from Homesense.

On the desk I have lots of things that are either functional or just pretty!

Candles and plants of course, and just other bits and pieces!

In the corner of the landing I have an old step ladder which I am using to display my collection of small plants. The skylight above the desk means that they are doing really well here.

I love the view from either end of the landing.

So thats my landing/study. A great little space for me and my daughter to work, but also just a lovely spot for a bit of contemplation with a coffee or a glass of wine..



Winter Dress Part 2

Part 2 of my Winter Dress series. This beauty is from H&M. It is a gorgeous print of birds and butterflies but because of the darker tones and long sleeves its the perfect winter dress. I love this with my trusted Jigsaw belt (many years old). Of course this dress will look amazing with winter ankle boots or long boots.

This was featured in the Guardian which I thought was worth mentioning!!

And of course must work well with a chunky cardigan!

Bath and Bodyworks

I discovered Bath and Bodyworks when I was in Malaysia and I have to admit that I became ever so slightly obsessed and bought too many things! The interesting thing is that the packaging verges on tacky but for some reason that works! I love the slightly retro feel and have to admit the scents are amazing!

My favourite product is the shimmer mist so I got them in three different scents – Warm Vanilla, Japanese Cherry Blossom and Magic in the Air. These scents are infused with beautiful shimmery particles that you can use on your hair and body. The scent really lasts and the shimmer looks amazing!

Warm Vanilla Sugar smells like – vanilla & sheer florals.

Japanese Cheery Blossom smells of cherry blossoms, crisp pears, mimosa petals & sweet sandalwood

Main the Air smells of almond flower, white iris & whipped vanilla

I had to get the Warm Vanilla body mist just because I wanted a non-shimmer version for everyday

The I had to get the Magic in the Air Body Foaming Sugar Scrub.

They were out of stock of the Vanilla so I had to get the Pink Cashmere instead! This smells of pink jasmine, creamy sandalwood & white amber. The scrubs are thick and moisturising and a real pleasure to use, leaving you smelling amazing.

Then I spotted the hand washes so ended up with these two – Vanilla (again) and Gardenia. These are the Deep Cleansing Hand Soaps which are mean to be like “a 60-second manicure..specially formulated to effectively cleanse and exfoliate, while conditioning Aloe and Vitamin E leave hands feeling soft and smooth”.

I love all these products and probably would have got more if I could have fitted them into my suitcase!


Winter Dress Part 1

I love wearing dresses and that doesn’t stop in the colder months. In winter I go for darker florals, heavier fabric and often a midi length. I am going to be posting three different dresses I have found that fit my aesthetic this winter, but rather than dump 25 photos in one post I thought I would do each separately.

Today is the shortest dress I got. Its a drop wait dark floral dress from Next (£26). I love the wintery shades and know this will work well with tights too.

And it works well with a chunky cardigan too!



Three Cleansers

I love a good cleanser and I have really been enjoying these three affordable options.

First is the Garnier Oil Infused Micellar Water (5.99). I use this as my first cleanse when I am wearing a bit more makeup than usual or waterproof mascara. It really gets everything off but for me is never enough on its own. I use cotton wool soaked in this and always follow this with another richer cleanser like the next two.

Next is a lovely Milky Cleansing Oil by Melvita (£13). This smells divine, of course of roses. This oil to milk formula is wonderful to get your skin clean without drying. I use this on dry skin and the use a wet hot cloth to take it off.

Finally this Vitamin E Cream Cleanser by the Body Shop is great basic cleanser (£7.50). Its no fuss easy to use & gets everything off. I again use this on dry skin and remove with a wet hot cloth.

I am definitely more of hot cloth cleanser fan but the micellar water is a good starting point. I just love cleansers that really clean my skin without drying and also feel like they are doing something good too!