Winter Dress Part 1

I love wearing dresses and that doesn’t stop in the colder months. In winter I go for darker florals, heavier fabric and often a midi length. I am going to be posting three different dresses I have found that fit my aesthetic this winter, but rather than dump 25 photos in one post I thought I would do each separately.

Today is the shortest dress I got. Its a drop wait dark floral dress from Next (£26). I love the wintery shades and know this will work well with tights too.

And it works well with a chunky cardigan too!




Three Cleansers

I love a good cleanser and I have really been enjoying these three affordable options.

First is the Garnier Oil Infused Micellar Water (5.99). I use this as my first cleanse when I am wearing a bit more makeup than usual or waterproof mascara. It really gets everything off but for me is never enough on its own. I use cotton wool soaked in this and always follow this with another richer cleanser like the next two.

Next is a lovely Milky Cleansing Oil by Melvita (£13). This smells divine, of course of roses. This oil to milk formula is wonderful to get your skin clean without drying. I use this on dry skin and the use a wet hot cloth to take it off.

Finally this Vitamin E Cream Cleanser by the Body Shop is great basic cleanser (£7.50). Its no fuss easy to use & gets everything off. I again use this on dry skin and remove with a wet hot cloth.

I am definitely more of hot cloth cleanser fan but the micellar water is a good starting point. I just love cleansers that really clean my skin without drying and also feel like they are doing something good too!


The Bathroom

The next room I wanted to blog about is my bathroom. Although it was both the last room I decorated and the one I did the least to, I think the small changes have had a huge impact.


The bathroom before was simple and functional. I loved the skylight and the laminate floor which made the space feel very light. I was actually really happy with the room as it was and wasn’t going to redecorate it…until I saw this stunning wallpaper!

A friend sent me a picture of it and I couldn’t get it out of my head. Given that I had finished the rest of the house at this point, I couldn’t think where it would work and then suddenly it was so obvious that the perfect room for it was the bathroom. I did a bit of research and found a website where the owner had used the same wallpaper in a small under the stairs toilet and the wallpaper was doing well after a number of years. Once I had established I could use the wallpaper in the bathroom without any problems my mind was made up!

As the walls are tiled it had to be the ceiling and actually I love looking up at the golden swimming fish as I lie in the bath. I also painted the window surround gold as the white would’ve been too stark. The tiles were actually not that noticeable when I viewed the house, but now the dark metallic tiles work so well with the wallpaper. The wallpaper has completely changed the feel of the bathroom into something unique and very me.

The rest of the bathroom is mainly just my stuff. I had to have a plant in here and this one seems to be very happy under the skylight.

I have a lot of products so I have two storage units and have also made the most of the shelf that runs the width of the bathroom.

I do want to add more shelves mainly for plants and candles, but I am not in a huge rush. I am just enjoying the swimming golden fish!

The Best Shower Oil?

This is a giant bottle of the Bioderma Atoderm Shower Oil (£13.50). I wanted a moisturising shower oil as the weather changes and my skin gets drier. This is an ultra-nourishing oil that cleanses, restores lipids and soothes
The texture is really creamy and silky, with a  subtle scent and it is non-greasy.

A great purchase if you have dry sensitive skin or just like shower oils!