The Woven Shopper

I have been after a “spare tote bag” to take to work in which I can carry my lunch, flat shoes etc. so that my handbag didn’t get over stuffed and my shoulder didn’t break from the weight!
I found the perfect solution in Phase Eight.


This beautiful leather woven shopper is ideal.


Firstly it is that perfect blush pink and more amazingly reversible to the perfect grey – a multi seasonal bag! The size is just right, not too big but big enough to carry all my bits! Inside you also get a small pouch which comes in handy for extra small items like tissues. I have also regularly used this as my handbag. I got this while there was a 20% offer on but at full price (£59) I think its worth every penny. A hardworking but beautiful bag!


Never Fully Dressed

I have often browsed the Never Fully Dressed site and admired the unique clothes but up until now nothing really caught my attention enough to want it. Then I saw this amazing top with gold stars (Alexandra Star £26 reduced from £49)


I love stars and I love gold. I also like easy oversized tops that look great but hide a multitude of sins! That is this top.




Perfect for a night out or even a day out. Its unique and just beautiful!

The Shimmering Sun Cream

I feel like Hawaiian Tropic are slowly coming back as a sun care range worth noting. I wanted a sun cream with some shimmer which would be great for festivals and summer holidays too. So I picked up the Shimmer Effect Protective Sun Lotion in SPF 25, £6.99.


This stuff packs a shimmer punch! It is very very shimmery but I have to admit I love it. It is really difficult to capture this in photos but trust me I was definitely shimmering!



I love multi-tasking products and this is going to be a regular re-purchase, I have started mixing this in with my regular body creams to give me both an SPF boost and also a little shimmer everyday! If that doesn’t make you smile in the morning…?!

Drops of Light

I don’t normally go to Body Shop for my skincare but recently I have been intrigued by their new skincare lines including Oils for Life and Drops Of Light. I decided to pick up the Drops of Light Pure Healthy Brightening Serum (£25) as my skin has some pigmentation and scarring so I needed something to help improve this.


I have been using the Into the Light serum for a few weeks now and I can definitely see an improvement. The texture of this is definitely not what you expect from a traditional serum, it is almost like water or the new “essences”. I really like that it is light and easily absorbed with no sticky or greasy residue.


I have been using this day and night before any other skincare. I can see that some of my darker blemish scars have faded much faster and the new ones seem to fade very quickly. Overall I think it is improving the appearance of my skin which I am very happy about given the price point.



I’ve been looking for an easy to wear pinky mauve and I finally found it in YSL Beauty. This is the Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick in 9 Rose Stiletto (£26).


This is such a lovely creamy lipstick that feels comfortable on the lips and gives a really good along lasting colour. It also has SPF15 which is great!


I love this colour smudged on quite lightly, to just give a lovely wash. Definitely a staple summer lipstick.

Toilet Humour

Yes this is a post about the infamous Aesop Post Poo Drops (£22).


I had heard so much about these I decided I needed this in my toilet! Its not the most glamorous topic but I have to say it is a very chic looking product for what it is! Most importantly IT WORKS! I don’t how but it does and it doesn’t just add lots of smell on top of the nasty smell you want rid of, it just gets rid of the nasty smell..magic!


Totally worth the money and I think a very elegant addition to any toilet!