NIOD Sanskrit Saponins

This was an impulse purchase..I don’t know why but the name made me want it! This is the NIOD Sanskrit Saponins (£21).

So this is what it says about this product…”NIOD (which stands for Non Invasive Options in Dermal Science) utilises ultra-sophisticated, leading-edge ingredients to bring your skin the best the industry has to offer. This deep cleaning balm contains natural saponins (plant chemicals) derived from Ayurvedic plants which maintain the skin’s balance while deeply cleansing it. Containing no synthetic surfactants, sulphates or oils, the pH-balanced formula clears dead skin cells without peeling, targeting all forms of build-up and cleaning pores intensely to leave your complexion exceptionally clear.”

OK so it is quite a strange product. It looks weird, like grey liquid slime! The texture is very runny and it smells very strange (not good strange). I struggled with using this as it is quite thin and strange to apply. I don’t know if it works and to be honest its not a part of my skincare regime that I enjoy! I wouldn’t buy this again but weirdly I just like having it around for days when my skin is very oily or breaking out, it smells and looks like it must be good for you!! A weird review, but an honest one!