Sunkissed Tresses


I spotted an ad on TV about this amazing new product from L’Oreal called Sunkiss Jelly (£4.99). This is basically a leave-in lightening gel. It is meant to gently and gradually lighten your hair using no ammonia or other nasties.

I thought this would be a great way to lighten my ombre ends for the summer so immediately got some. I went for 01 which is for light brown to dark blonde hair (i.e. for the darkest shade of natural hair) 02 and 03 are for lighter hair.

I have been using this for about 10 days (with 3 hair washes in between) and I do feel like it is lightening my hair but very subtly. The great thing is that it smells nice and has a lovely serum like texture so I use it on dry styled hair almost like a styling product. It doesn’t make my hair sticky or greasy, it just smoothes my hair and looks great! I only used this on lightened ends as the rest of my hair is very dark and I assume it wouldn’t really have much of an effect. I have not really bothered using this on wet hair as I prefer to just add it at the end. Heating the product is meant to make it more effective but I am trying to minimise damage so I thought I would just use it after styling.

Overall I have to say I am quite liking this. My hair looks a bit more summery and hasn’t been left damaged by bleaching it. I would definitely recommend this but only if your hair is light enough for it to actually have an effect.





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