L’Oreal Age Perfect Extraordinary Oil-Cream

I was browsing the skincare section in Boots and came across this L’Oreal day cream. At the time my skin was feeling really dry and dehydrated and just needing a boost. I was drawn to this because of the oil part, I love a good facial oil at night and an oil infused day cream sounded perfect!


This is the Age Perfect Extraordinary Oil Cream (£14.99).  This cream in infused with Lavender and Rosemary essential oils. It smells incredible without being too heavy or perfumed.


The texture is thick and creamy but not claggy. The cream absorbs so easily without leaving any greasy residue.


There is something about this cream that really works for me, I find that when my skin is dry I and I apply this generously it works immediately leaving my skin feeling soft and silky. The effects also last and my skin is just as good last thing at night. If my skin is feeling oily I still use this as it doesn’t make me greasy. I am very impressed with this cream, given the price it really is worth it!


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