Discovering Aritzia

I kept hearing about Aritzia scarves and clothes – if you have a look online you will fall in love. The clothes are simple yet different and their scarves are to die for! As it is a Canadian company I didn’t think I would ever get my hands on anything – well I was in luck! A lovely friend of mine went to New York and got me a scarf and I couldn’t be happier – so much so that I contacted Aritizia and they said that they would happily ship to the UK!

So after much deliberation (and I mean MUCH) I decided on the Wilfred Diamond Mosaic Blanket ($85) in Birch/Light Grey.


This scarf is HUGE and soft and utterly gorgeous. There are loads of different ways to wear it which I have tried to demonstrate in the pictures. I love just wearing it simply draped, which really shows off the scarf.



Thrown over one shoulder looks amazing too..!



And then the classic neck wrap.



And finally as a shawl, perfection.




I know I will be getting more of these – just need to decide which one!


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