L’Oreal – Extraordinary Oil for Hair

I love L’Oreal’s Extraordinary Oil and have been using it for years (see here and here and here) so when I saw the shampoo and conditioner I had to try them.


I got the shampoo for very dry rebellious hair and the conditioner for dry to very dry hair (both £3.99 each). The shampoo is very moisturising and doesn’t strip my hair. The conditioner is really softening and doesn’t leave a greasy finish.

I always add some the Extraordinary Oil after washing and before I blow dry and the whole set together really seem to make my hair soft, shiny and silky!



TRESemme Keratin Smooth Range

I have been using the TRESemme Keratin Smooth shampoo, deep treatment mask and the heat protection shine spray for the last few months. I have to say I am quite impressed.


My hair is quite thick, frizzy and dry so needs a lot of products to keep it looking healthy. I don’t use straighteners so much anymore but I do use my Babyliss Big Hair at least twice a week.

I found that although conidtioners work, these intensive masks work better for me. I use them like a conditioner – so apply after shampooing and leave on for 3-5 minutes before rinsing off.

My hair has been incredibly soft and smooth since I have been using this. The texture of my hair definitely feels better and more manageable.

The heat protection spray is not ok. I find that although it does smooth my hair and is probably protecting it from the heat it leaves a residue in my hair that makes it a bit sticky. If it is protecting my hair – which I cant really tell to be honest – then I guess I would carry on using it but as it is I often leave it out of my hair styling routine and opt for a hair oil instead, like the L’Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oils.

I would definitely recommend the shampoo and treatment mask and already have my eye on some of the other ranges of TRESemme!

One Year of Blogging!

I honestly can’t believe that it has already been a year since I started this blog. In celebration of that I thought I would do a quick round up of my favourite posts, products, fashion, etc. over the last year – the ones that are still going strong and remain firm favourites.

Starting with hair – it’s got to be my Babyliss Big Hair. I still use this every time I wash my hair and it has definitely been one of my more popular posts.


Next is another Babyliss product – my Babyliss Curling Wand. Love this and again use this at least once a week!


For hair products nothing beats the L’Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil! Probably on my sixth bottle now!


For shampoo and conditioner I am still loving the L’Oreal Ever Riche range.


Next on to skincare…to begin with I had to mention the Alpha-H Liquid Gold. This is a fixture of my night time routine – I use this every other night.


My Asian Cloth Face Masks are still going strong (good job I got my sister to restock my supplies when she visited earlier this year!).


For makeup the Maybelline Color Tattoo in Pomegranate is still one of my all time favourite colours and products.


Of course my Naked Palette is in this list – can’t live without this!


And finally two different lipsticks – first is the entire Revlon Lip Butter range – and the collection is still expanding!


And of course MAC’s Ruby Woo – my red lipstick hero!


For accessories I had to include my Halo necklaces from Daisy Jewellery….


and my stunning J Crew bracelet which always get loads of compliments.


Shoes was an easy one – the Clarks Anika Kendra in snakeskin. I live in these shoes and they are still looking fab!


And of course my Whistles Kir Royale Ankle Boots in Taupe have hardly left my feet! Soon to be stored away for next summer and make way for the dark grey version for the winter!



Fashion was a really tough one to choose for. I finally settled on my Zara jacquard jacket which has been worn throughout Spring and has come back out for Autumn.


My gold River Island leather skirt given to me as a gift and still a favourite for a glam night out!

My Summer dress from Topshop which I wore to my 39th birthday party this year so has a special place in my heart!


And finally nails!! I had to go with two of the OPI Skyfall posts – it was too hard to choose between them! The Spy Who Loved Me paired with Goldeneye..


and “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service”


So that’s it – some of my favourite bits of my first year of blogging! I am definitely looking forward to many more years!!


L’Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil Mist

Before I start I am a total and utter L’Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Hair Oil addict! I have written about it several times, I have been through at least 10 bottles of the stuff – it is AMAZING stuff. So when I popped into Boots and spotted the NEW version of this oil and in a SPRAY (not pump) I was (sadly) very very excited and of course bought a bottle instantly (£9.99).


Only when I got home did I realise that this is meant for fine hair. I do not have fine hair by any stretch of the imagination. Regardless I decided to plough on and try it out. And oh my it is just divine. This is beautifully scented – a sort of delicate floral (lotus flower supposedly). The mist is so fine yet really left my hair soft and shiny and not at all greasy. I have also repeatedly sprayed my hair throughout the day and for 2 days in a row without any hint of greasiness! I have to say that this really delivered even on my crazy thick hair! I am newly obsessed..!



My Hero Products Part I

There are loads of hero or cult products around and I have to admit sometimes I do wonder how some of the products even get on the list! I am a total sucker for anything beauty related so feel that I do have some expertise in this area!

So I decided to write a post about ten of my hero products – they may or may not be my top ten but are the ones that immediately came to mind! So in no particular order:

1. Lucas Papaw Ointment (£5.10 for 25g tube)
If you haven’t come across this yet you will soon! Its an Australian product that is made from fermented papaya – yes I know that sounds disgusting but somehow it isn’t!! Its just like a thick balm that you can use for everything – and I mean everything! I mainly use this on my lips and cuticles. I also use it around my nose when I have a cold and have been blowing my nose a lot leaving me with dry flaky skin. Its just a very useful little tube to have in your purse at all times.


2. Aromatherapy Associates – Deep Sleep Bath Oil (£37.00 for 55ml)
Nothing works better to relieve tension and put me straight into a deep, deep, sleep. Never knowingly without this!


3. Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula – Skin Smoothing Lotion with Alpha Beta Hydroxy and Shea Butter (£4.09 for 250ml)
Keep going back to this – this makes my skin feels really soft and silky and definitely helps to reduce any scarring or marks on my skin. Absorbs instantly and lasts all day without any greasy residue.


4. Aussie Hair Range (from about £5.00)
I love Miracle Moist, Miracle Shine and Luscious Long and keep coming back to this range. They smell amazing and do exactly what they say every time. For my thick Asian hair the BEST hair conditioners are most definitely the 3 minute miracle deep treatments – especially love the Frizz Remedy.


5. Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish (£14.75 for 100ml)
I have already explained why I love this product so much and keep buying it again and again. Read more here.


6. Tesco Fragranced Ultra Soft Wipes (£1.09)
Weird one to include but if I don’t have a packet in my handbag I get distressed! Ever since having my daughter I have kept one in my handbag, one in the car and loads around the house. Even when my daughter is not with me I need these – great for removing red wine stains, wiping off makeup when trying on stuff in the shops and just generally an all round godsend!


7. Revlon Color Burst Lip Butters (£7.99)
I LOVE these. I tend to wear more sheer lipsticks than anything else which is probably why I love these so much! I have a particular obsession with Berry Smoothie – I have about four of dotted about in my handbag, the car, at home etc.!


8. Lush Dream Cream (£10.95 for 240g)
I started using this on my daughter whenever she got little patches of dry skin or eczema and even for nappy rash. Now I have one in the bathroom at all times and everyone in the family uses it for various reasons. Its just a beautiful, natural cream that seems to sort out all skin problem overnight!


9. L’Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil (£.9.99 for 100ml)
Again another product I have mentioned before (several times). I think I am on my fifth or sixth bottle now! I adore this and so does my hair!


10. Revlon PhotoReady Foundation in Caramel (£12.99 for 30ml)
I have quite a few foundations and BB Creams that I use but I have repurchased this one about 4 or five times now which is a sure sign that it is now one of my hero products. With dark skin it can be quite hard to find foundations in drugstores that match my skin colour and tone. This works perfectly every time. The texture is light but with good buildable coverage. I have applied this with my fingers and with brushes and it works well either way. Lasts all day and doesn’t dry out my skin or cause breakouts. Basically a really good all round foundation.


So that’s it – 10 of my hero products. Not all of them but a good start!

L’Oreal Hair Expertise Ever Riche Nourish & Taming Shampoo and Conditioner

I have used a few of these L’Oreal Hair Expertise Shampoos and Conditioners and really liked them. They are really rich and leave my hair really soft and conditioned. I have tried the Ever Sleek Smoothing and Moisture range and found that really good. I use a lot of different products and have found the L’Oreal range very good. I especially love the L’Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil.

The most recent shampoo and conditioner I tried is the Ever Riche range for Dry and Rebellious hair. My hair, like most Indian hair, is very thick and can be quite dry and frizzy if I don’t take care of it. The shampoo and conditioner (they were about £5.99 each – on offer I think) are really rich as the name suggests and definitely gave my hair a really soft and smooth finish. I also love the smell of this range. I really liked this and it was a godsend when I spent a weekend in house with pool and my hair needed that extra help! Very pleased with this and will be buying again!


L’Oreal Elnett Satin Heat Styling Sprays


I heard about these new Elnett Satin Heat Styling Sprays and when I spotted them in Boots I got two: the 3 Day Straight and the 3 Day Curls. They are basically hair styling sprays that work with your chosen heated styling tool providing protection against heat damage and a lasting hold.

I have tried both versions with my Babyliss Big Hair and also with my straighteners. You are meant to spray it onto damp hair and then style your hair. The spray itself is really light and smells really fresh. It doesn’t leave a sticky residue and my hair is really soft after I blow-dry it. I have to admit I do love the packaging as there is something quite chic about it!

So the promise is that the sprays are meant to keep your hair straight or curly for three days. I wouldn’t say that this is true but they do give a really good hold for at least one day. It also does help your hair maintain the style for a few days but not perfectly. Would definitely be quite good to keep your style going for an evening out.

Overall I do like these and will probably keep using them until something else comes along that catches my eye! I still use the L’Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Hair Oil on my hair before I use these sprays, when my hair is really wet, and also to finish off my style.