Cleansing Powders?

Cleansing powders are not necessarily anything new – Dermalogica have had their Daily Microfoliant (£41.30) for a very long time and is a product I have used before and loved. Recently a few more brands have added cleansing powders to their range – mainly driven by the Asian beauty industry including Givenchy’s One-Minute Glow Powder (£26.55), Sensai’s Silky Peeling Powder (£55), Diptyque’s Radiance Boosting Powder (£38) and Indeed Labs Facial Powdered Exfoliator (£18.99).

I haven’t tried any of these new ones but decided to go with Japanese brand DHC‘s Washing Powder (£8), partly because of the vastly smaller price tag and partly because DHC have got a reputation for good skincare.


So what is a cleansing powder?! Well it’s a powder that when mixed with water gives you an exfloliating cleansing paste. The bonus is the exfoliation bit – but I would opt for fine milled options and nothing with scratchy big granules which could damage your skin. I NEVER use scrubs on my face and only ever “exfoliate” with a flannel (see my hot cloth cleansing routine) or with acids (see my skin refining post) so cleansing powders for me are the best combination!

After a few weeks of using the DHC Washing Powder I can safely say that I really like it. I only ever use it in the mornings. This is mainly because I prefer to I stick with my deep hot cloth cleansing in the evenings when I need to take makeup and the day’s grime off my face. I find that this washing powder gives me the right amount of cleansing in the morning without stripping my skin of moisture. I like the way that this leaves my skin looks bright and fresh. I just mix a tiny bit into my damp hands and massage it all over my face and neck, right down to my décolletage and then rinse it off.



Having now ventured into the cleansing powder zone I am tempted to try the Indeed Labs version which was recommended by Caroline Hirons (one of the best facialists)… maybe when this one runs out!



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