Carmilla Cross Ring by Katie Rowland – a 40th gift to myself!

I am 40 today! I know that for some people that may not be a reason to celebrate but I don’t care! For me it is. For my 40th birthday my husband bought me a hot tub! Yes a hot tub and I cannot tell you how amazing it is.


But this post is not about my hot tub (although I have included a picture of my daughter in it just to show you its fabulousness!) This post is about a ring I decided to buy myself for my 40th.


I actually saw it in Grazia in March and instantly fell in love. It is a Katie Rowland Carmilla Cross Ring (£350).


Today is the first day I am wearing it even though I got it at the end of March. I have saved it to wear today, on my 40th birthday, to remind me that I am finally a fully grown up woman who can buy herself a present for her 40th because I deserve it!!


Katie Rowland has already won a few awards including ‘New Jewellery Designer of the Year’ UK Jewellery Awards 2011 and Professional Jeweller’s ‘Hot 100 Trendsetter’ 2013,

She describes her jewellery as “elegance with an edge” and I couldn’t agree more. There is something so beautifully feminine about this ring but there is also most definitely an edgy side to it. The way it wraps your finger in its cross is just amazing and the small semi-precious stones are so stunning. I love the colour of the amethyst set against the yellow gold. All in all I am in love with this ring and am so glad I made the decision to get it .





So I am off to start my 40th by sitting in my hot tub, wearing my stunning ring and enjoying a glass of bubbly!!


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