I know I am coming a little late to this co-washing party but I am here now ! So co-washing is NOT about sharing your shower/bath with someone else – phew! It is basically washing your hair with only conditoner. By that I do not mean the good old shampoo and conditoner in one but just a “cleansing” conditioner. The main thing to get your head (or hair!) round is that these cleansing conditoners do not lather. Pyschologically that is quite hard for someone who likes a good lather. As my hair is so thick (and quite dry) I can get away with only shampooing once a week and I dont need to use dry shampoo in between. I do sometimes use it just cause I like it but I dont get greasy roots. So the whole idea of washing with a conditoner is quite appealing to someone like me with thick dry hair.

So how did I get on? Well first off I wasnt willing to spend lots of money on my first try of this so I went for a very reasonably priced option from Feel Unique – the Palmers Olive Oil version. This was a pleasing £5.99 each so I got two and free delivery!

The consistency is just like conditioner. This one smells a bit like peppermint which is nice. The instructions say to use anywhere from 10-40 pumps depending on thickness and length. I probably used about 40! It is very weird, I won’t lie it feels all wrong! I massaged it into my hair added a little water and massaged some more. Then I combed through and left the conditioning cleanser in while I finished the rest of my showering. Then I rinsed it out thoroughly. My hair definitely felt soft and lovely and not at all dirty or “unclean”. I dried it as usual with my Babyliss Big Hair and without using another products and this is what it looked like.



Well I think it looks very well conditioned and fresh! I did like this but have to say it actually took longer than my usual shampoo and conditioner! I also felt that my hair did feel a bit greasy faster than usual. So I think I would most likely use this when my hair feels like it needs a bit of TLC and not for every wash. I am definitely glad I tried this out and will carry on with them until my two bottles are finished at which point I imagine there will be a lot more brands jumping on this bandwagon!







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