Cami and Cardi

I have become obsessed with this combination – the camisole and cardigan. There is something so chic about the delicate silk and lace next to wool that works so well. I think it can be both casual and dressy and most definitely sexy but subtle.

My obsession started a while ago with a lovely blush pink silk and lace camisole from H&M. I have worn it so much it is starting to fray and look a little tired (not that this stops me from wearing it)! I love the length which makes it easy to wear with jeans with a small side tuck or completely tucked into a skirt. I have also worn it under dresses, letting the lace peek through at the décolletage!

After a long time of intermittent searching for camisoles that fit the bill I found these in Zara (£25.99 each). They are almost identical to the H&M one which I was so happy about! I had to get the pink one to backup the H&M one and of course once I saw the charcoal I knew it had to be mine! I got these in a large as I want them long and draping.



So having found the perfect camisoles, I needed the perfect cardigans. Weirdly enough Zara have also just upped their cardigan game! I picked up these beautiful, light knit ones (£17.99 each) recently and they are perfect. I love the colours and the way they hang. Of course the cream and the pinky brown complements the pink camisole perfectly and they grey the grey camisole..shades of shades!





I did also get this lovely soft, batwing cardigan also from Zara (£12.99) and also in grey which is a bit warmer and in Spring can work as an alternative to a jacket.



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