Charlotte Tilbury – Magical Skincare Duo for a perfect Christmas Day!

Obviously if you woke up today and opened your gifts and received one of these you are VERY LUCKY! I’ve had Charlotte’s Magic Cream since my sister bought it for me for my birthday in May this year (!). I waited this long to review it because I wanted to be sure about whether I liked it and how effective it is. I then also purchased the Multi-Miracle Glow Balm a few weeks ago which I am also going to review in this post. I think this skincare duo from Charlotte Tilbury work well together and would make the best skincare routine for Christmas Day to ensure you look fresh and lovely and your makeup lasts all day and night! IMG_2351 So first up is the Balm, this is a multi-use product i.e. it can be used as a cleanser, a face mask, an intensive overnight treatment or just a balm for dry areas like lips, cuticles etc. This is the most amazing looking product in my bathroom (its the one on the left in picture above). The huge vintage inspired rose gold and glass jar is stunning. It costs £45 for 100ml which I have to say now that I have used this a quite a few times is seriously good value. This is because the tiniest amount of this stuff goes a long long way! IMG_2355 As a cleanser it is very good at removing all makeup without any drying or stripping of the skin but I feel like this is complete waste of this beautiful product! So I have used this mainly as an overnight intensive mask and for that it is the most luxurious thing! The smell alone is an incredible mix of rose and jasmine that is not overpowering but perfect to feel pampered. The texture as you can see above is like a very soft gel/cream in a gorgeous light pink colour! I use this sparingly after cleansing and massage into my face, neck and décolletage and then sleep with it on. I wake up every time to the softest skin! I would also say that this is going to be the best thing on long haul flights to keep skin hydrated. So on to the Magic Cream. I am not usually a fan of heavy face creams but this one totally changed my mind. It is extremely rich and thick as you can see below, but somehow never feels heavy on the skin and absorbs really well. Again this smells lovely but not overpowering. I use this when my skin needs it so not every day. I generally use this during the day as the balm has taken over for night times but before I got the balm I did use this at night when my skin was feeling particularly dry. I have used this on flights and have to say my skin never behaved better after 12 hours on a plane! As a daytime moisturiser it is amazing. My makeup goes on so smoothly and stays on longer whenever I use it. Because this cream is quite pricey (£70 for 50ml!) I do use this only when I really need to. If I could afford to repurchase this I might use it more often but definitely not everyday as for me I think it would be too rich – but then again maybe not! IMG_2354 I think these two products are the result of an absolute beauty expert with years of experience dealing with different skin types and colours creating something that really works. I believe that Charlotte Tilbury has spent years thinking about and perfecting these products and that’s why they are so good! So even at these prices I would highly recommend both products. If you didn’t get either for Christmas but want to treat yourself I would absolutely go for the Multi-Miracle Balm – it’s a unique product that is just the height of luxury!


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