Monica Vinader Jewellery

I was lucky enough to receive a few things from Monica Vinader as gifts from my husband, my parents and my closest friend for Christmas and my birthday. I then also purchased a few rings for myself so I though that as I had built up a nice little collection I would do a post on it! IMG_8207  For Christmas my husband got me the Marie and Riva Diamond Shore Pendants. I wear these together or on their own and they are just stunning. IMG_8208 IMG_8210   IMG_9900   My friend then got me the Bali Friendship Bracelet in Rose Gold with the Rose Gold Metallica cord for my 40th. I have worn this everyday since she gave it to me. It is such a classic yet trendy piece and goes with everything. IMG_9892   IMG_9891   These are the rings I bought for myself. I went for the stacking rings. In the picture below on my index finger is the Siren Stacking Ring in White Topaz and the Ava Diamond Ring. On my middle finger is the Siren Stacking Ring in Moonstone. All are in yellow gold. I think these are so classic and versatile and can be worn so many different ways. IMG_9890   IMG_9889   IMG_9804 IMG_9805     And finally I got the Diamond Pave Skinny Long Ring and the Baja Ring with Grey Agate stone. These were a birthday present from my parents. I absolutely adore these rings. They are so different to anything I have and yet work so well with the other rings. IMG_0246 IMG_0252 IMG_0256 IMG_0242


2 thoughts on “Monica Vinader Jewellery

  1. Hi there, great collection! I just wanted to ask how do the gold siren rings wear over time? Have you noticed any fading or discoloration in the plating? Excited to buy some Monica Vinader but trying to decide between the gold and rose gold.


    • Hi the rings do show signs of discoloration & fading now but I wear them almost everyday! They still look lovely and I certainly wouldn’t be put off buying them again. Hope that’s helpful.

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