Clarins Detox Booster

I like the idea of boosters to add to your regular skincare to make them more effective or deal with different issues depending on your needs. I picked up the Clarins Detox Booster (£30) which is designed to protect your skin against the effects of pollution or overindulging. The Detox Booster has green coffee extract to detoxify and purify your skin, while reviving radiance.


To use you add 3 – 5 drops to your existing moisturiser, face mask or foundation for an intensive, detoxifying boost. I have mainly been using this with my moisturiser but have tried it with foundation and that works too.


I cant honestly say I have noticed any effects since I started using this, which is about a month ago. I don’t see any good or bad effects which makes me question if it is doing anything! At £30 for 15ml I would expect to notice some difference. So I have to say I am quite disappointed and would definitely not recommend this. Stick to a good skin cream and serum!


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