Babyliss Big Hair




This is a quick post to show you the amazing effects of the Babyliss Big Hair rotating brush (the 50mm version). As you can see from the before and after shots its quite a transformation!

The main thing to say is it doesn’t take any skill whatsoever to achieve the same results and it takes me about 20 mins to style from the before to the after shot! I only use the L’Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil before and after to smooth everything into place.

So first I blast my hair with my hairdryer until my hair is almost dry. I then use the Babyliss on my hair in sections, basically holding up the bits I am not styling with a big hair clip. Then I use my straighteners right at the end to style the bits just in front of my face, nowhere else. The main smoothing and styling effect is from the Babyliss.

This gadget has totally transformed the way I can style my hair and also reduces the amount of time I have to use the straighteners which I guess is less damaging to my hair. The style lasts for days and I tend to just refresh it quickly in the mornings with a quick blast of the Babyliss on the bits that need it.



2 thoughts on “Babyliss Big Hair

  1. Love your review! Just before I actually bought the Babyliss Big Hair I must have spent hours searching for decent reviews and a real before and after. Sounds simple, there must be loads out there right? Nope! So I was so happy to come across yours! Especially as my hair is pretty similar to yours in the before shot, it gave me a lot of hope! Used it twice now, first time wasn’t great but the second time I felt a lot more in control and I got much better results! x

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