Hair Healers

I found these two products by chance at my local Boots, the “Buy one get one half price” offer of course contributed to why I stopped! I wasn’t looking for haircare but am super pleased I stopped to look. These are two conditioners from Charles Worthington’s Moisture Seal Range.


The first is a Hair Healer Leave In Conditioner (£5.99). This is a gel crème conditioner with a range of oils including Argan oil, Coconut oil, Abyssinian oil, Tsubaki oil and Macadamia oil. It also works to prevent frizz and give thermal heat protection.

As it is a leave-in conditioner you apply it after washing and don’t rinse out.

The second product is the Overnight Ultimate Hair Healer (£6.99). Again this has got loads of lovely oils in it to repair dryness, frizz or damage and can be used once or twice a week onto dry hair, and left overnight. In the morning you are meant to wash this out (I have been know not to and that seems to work too!!).

I really like both these products, given the price range they are really effective and have left my hair much softer. They are meant to have a cumulative effect so I will keep using them and see how that works.

All in all a good accidental find!


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