Holiday Discovery – Apvita

Whilst I was on holiday in Cyprus I came across this brand in all the pharmacies – its called Apvita and is a natural cosmetics range.

I love discovering new stuff so I decided to try out a few things starting with  their face masks. I went for the line reducing mask with grape and the moisturising mask with Aloe.


If you have a look on their website you will see that the masks have a whole range of lovely ingredients.

In the whole face mask  line, they have replaced water with organic green tea infusion for its antioxidant action.

I love these masks, they are light and make my skin feel great after, I love that they have loads of natural ingredients.

Next I wanted to try these Herbal Creams.


I went for three.

First Eucalyptus which is known for its beneficial action in treating the cold symptoms. Second Arnica which is known for its property to reduce edema and improve microcirculation. Finally Propolis which is a bee product known for its mild antiseptic, antifungal and antibacterial properties.

I love the idea of these creams which have healing properties, they are great for travelling too. I have tried a couple of them and they are really effective.

And the last product I got from the range was the Propoline Moisturising Color Protecting Leave In Conditioner for All Hair Types. This conditioner if full of lovely ingredients including honey, olive oil, lavender and rosemary. This is a light cream that really adds moisture to my hair and gets rid of frizz. It smells ever so slightly of honey which is lovely!


I am super pleased with my holiday discovery!