Anna Glover for H&M

I have absolutely fallen in love with the Anna Glover for H&M collection. I have always loved floral designs and this collection is right up my street! Anna Glover is an award winning designer known for her prints. This collection is really beautiful with some standout pieces.

My first purchase was this beautiful floaty blouse (£24.99) with a pansy print. I love the shape and colours. Its such a pretty piece for the summer!

I then saw these beautiful trousers (see this post on printed trousers from H&M £19.99). I love the print so much and they are a really flattering shape.

My last purchase from this collection is this gorgeous T-shirt (£12.99) with an embellished shoulder. I love a classic white t-shirt but this is even better. The embroidery is so pretty and just makes a statement piece out of a simple tee!


Lierac Eau Sensorielle 3 Fleurs Blanches


You may have seen my previous post about the Lierac Sensory Oil with 3 White Flowers. This post is about the “perfumed hydrating water” from the same White Flowers range.

I discovered this perfume in Sephora in Malaysia but didn’t want to write about it until I found a decent stockist outside of Malaysia! I have now found that Cocoon Centre stock a huge range of Lierac products including the oil and perfume from the White Flowers range.


I was over the moon to find this site because I absolutely LOVE the smell of this perfume. So much so that I have been using my original bottle really sparingly as I didn’t think I would be able to easily replace it.

The smell is definitely floral but it’s not sickly sweet. Its a combination of Jasmine, Camelia and Gardenia. There is something about the smell that is so unique and appealing. I love this perfume even though I hardly ever go for floral perfumes. I tend to like scents that are quite musky and somehow this is somewhere between the two. The perfume is also very hydrating so isn’t drying on your skin like normal perfumes. I think this adds to it’s appeal.

Either way I have purchased my next bottle from Cocoon Centre just in case they go out of stock!