And on to the Living Room

The next room I wanted to write about is my living room. Although the transformation in here is not yet complete, it’s already a lovely room with lots of future potential! This room was fairly simply decorated before I moved in, carpet on the floor and muted greyish lavender on the walls.

I knew that I wanted a lot of white throughout the house so it was easy enough deciding on that and I have carried on the laminate floor from the hallway into this room.

I wanted to keep the room open so I haven’t divided the space which works much better for me.

I did want one dark wall and I love this dark grey from Dulux (Night Jewels 2). I know, this is the colour you see every shop/restaurant/bar painted in now but the reason I picked this colour is because a friend has this in her kitchen and long before I bought my house I knew I wanted it! It also works so well with the white and the vast amount of greenery (which we will come back to)!

Some of the furniture came from the old house with a few new bits thrown in. I have been quite restrained in here with new pieces mainly because what I want are expensive pieces that I need to be certain of before I purchase! Against the grey wall is my beloved green leather chesterfield which I’ve had for years and love. It really fits with the grey wall and massive plant! Next to it is my bar from Oliver Bonas, again an old piece (see post here).


The 2 Ikea Poang armchairs are also old and very temporary until I decide what I am doing along this wall. I just cannot decide if I want more armchairs, a two seater a chaise longue…or a day bed?!! For now its fine and I am not rushing into anything. Finally I have this shelving unit from Ikea that was originally in my daughters room in the old house. I quite like it here so it has stayed.

On the opposite wall is a new white shelving unit from Ikea . I had seen this before I moved and loved it. It’s a great space for plants and I love that it has drawers. Again the clean white lines work well.

Then we have a old pine blanket box that honestly wasn’t mean to stay in here for long, but again I am not hating it and as I haven’t decided on what furniture I want it is staying.

In the corner is a folding table that I found in a vintage store nearby. It is my dinner table but I have yet to use it for that purpose!

Then we have the leather sofa which is from the old house but it’s a lovely soft leather and really comfortable and works well with my ideas for this room. All the side tables and the main coffee table are also old and all from Ikea.

In terms of decorative items, plants as you can see are a key feature. I absolutely love plants and this house loves them! Many of the pots are from vintage shops and the baskets are either from Homesense or small independent shops near me.

I also have a healthy candle obsession! Homesense is fantastic for affordable, lovely smelling and great looking candles! Otherwise I just have lots of little things I have collected over the years.

My new rug is from La Redoute and it’s the Afaw Berber rug – the one with the cult following and its own Instagram account (yes…true!). The other golden cow, as I call it, I got years ago at a design fair. I am thinking I need something warmer and cosier here for the winter months.

So that’s the living room, I love sitting on the leather sofa with my feet up looking at Buddha in his new spot surrounded by green!


A treat for your hands

This is a very indulgent purchase but Aesop hand washes are legendary and this one even more so as it is exfoliating as well as smelling incredible!

This is the Reverance Aromatique Hand Wash (£27) with finely milled pumice.  Its not the easiest to find online but in store its always available. I just think its such a lovely addition to any bathroom!


I recently discovered this brand when I was in France and have fallen in love with the concept and products. Its called Sanoflore and its produced in the Vercors Regional Natural Park where they have their natural laboratory and botanical gardens. Everything is organic and 100% natural origins.

The two products I have tried so far have completely blown me away and even better the price is very reasonable!

First is the Chamomile Noble Bio Floral Water (£10) which consists of “organic Chamomile distilled and fresh, soothing and softening on the skin, with illuminating properties for any hair. Paraben free.” So basically a face and hair mist! Never heard of that but was totally intrigued. As a face mist it is gorgeous and light and refreshing. As a hair mist its incredible. My hair is softer, shinier and just better!

The other product is an aromatic regenerating sleeping mask (£19).This has essential oils of Pelargonium and Melissa Officinalis. The scent is beautiful and meant to help with sleep. You can either apply as a face mask with a thick layer and remove; or as a thin layer and leave it on all night. It has a rich balmy texture which I love.

Both are products I would absolutely repurchase and am now desperate to try more (Feel Unique sells this brand)


The Zara love affair continues…

I have always been a massive Zara fan, nothing has changed. I popped in recently and picked up a just two things but they were good ones!

First up I desperately needed a new pair of skinny jeans and Zara fits me the best. I wear a 12. These were £29.99.

The other item I couldn’t resist was this cute jacket/wrap blouse in a lovely oriental print (£25.99).

I love both my purchases and I am sure I will be back in Zara soon for more!