The Landing/Study

This is an odd space to write about specifically but I have to say I just love sitting at my desk on the landing so I thought I may as well write about it too! So before it was fairly sparse as you can see but straightaway I knew this was going to be my study! Having only 2 bedrooms means that you have to be a bit clever with where you put things and this landing is huge so lends itself well to being a working space as opposed to dead space!

This is the landing after. The main feature is the wallpaper from the hallway that wraps all the way round. I love that it creates this enclosed space around the desk and really frames the space making it special and not just a landing. I love the skylight above the desk, its a great place to watch the rain or the stars…

The desk was made for the space so stretches the length and depth of the nook and gives me loads of space both on the desk and below. I am planning lots of baskets etc to store things in but for now I am using what I already had.

The office chair is new and from Made. I love the grey fabric and the brass legs. I have added a velvet cushion and a colourful throw to add comfort and interest. The rug under the desk is from Homesense.

On the desk I have lots of things that are either functional or just pretty!

Candles and plants of course, and just other bits and pieces!

In the corner of the landing I have an old step ladder which I am using to display my collection of small plants. The skylight above the desk means that they are doing really well here.

I love the view from either end of the landing.

So thats my landing/study. A great little space for me and my daughter to work, but also just a lovely spot for a bit of contemplation with a coffee or a glass of wine..



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