Therapeutic Bath Salts

I am absolutely addicted to having baths and over the past few months I have gone through bags and bags of the Westlab Himalayan Bath Salts (about £5) and the Better You Magnesium Flakes (£9.99)


I love the soft pink Himalayan bath salts. They are packed full of minerals, including magnesium to soothe and repair damaged skin and regenerating calcium to promote cell renewal.

According to the blurb “helping to improve absorption of nutrients, increase circulation and stimulate the body’s digestive and nervous systems, the salt removes toxins to leave the body feeling cleansed, radiant and healthy. Potassium, an ingredient that works to reduce stress and anxiety also minimises the risk of high blood pressure”.


My skin is definitely softer and not at all dry if I use this is my bath. I tend to layer the salts with bath oils for added pleasure! I have a big glass jar full of this and always have a back up bag in the cupboard! A must have for bath time.


Then the Magnesium Flakes, this is a more recent discovery and are known for their muscle repairing properties. Believe me, I don’t do extreme workouts but occasionally my hot yoga really kills me and this is when I break out these amazing bath flakes.


These are also supposed to really help you relax and detox, and because of that they have become my guaranteed  hangover cure! They really do work. I genuinely feel so much better after a bath with a big handful of these flakes! Again I will often add oils or other bath milks but it is also amazing on its own.

These are now my absolute must haves for any bath time!




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