L’Oreal Paris Clay Mask Trio

The phenomenon of multi-masking is real, and L’Oreal have well and truly jumped on the bandwagon with their latest release of three clay masks, each containing a blend of three clays -Koalin, Montmorillonite and Ghassoul, to target three common skin concerns

Purity Clay Mask with Eucalyptus works deep into the pores to purify and mattify oily, shiny skin.

Glow Clay Mask with Red Algae exfoliates the skin to illuminate dull, uneven skin tone.

Detox Clay Mask with Charcoal acts like a magnet to draw out impurities and clarify normal, congested skin.


These were on offer when they first launched for £5 each but would normally by £7.99, so well priced.

So the idea is that rather than using one mask at a time you use two or three to tackle different concerns on different parts of your face! So the Purity mask on your t-zone, the Glow mask on your cheeks and the Detox mask on your chin or forehead. I have to say I am super impressed with the idea (although I may well have been even more excited by all three in one larger pot?!). I have used them just as described and I do really enjoy that. The masks are good quality and definitely do not dry out your skin.


My favourite is the Purity mask as it left my skin feeling so soft. The Glow masks has apricot seeds to exfoliate, and as I am not a fan of physical exfoliants this slightly put me off but I used it gently and didn’t massage it on or off so it worked OK. The Detox mask is also good, and again isn’t drying which is a nice change for high street clay masks.

Overall I do really like these masks and enjoy mixing and matching them to my skin’s needs every time I use them. A little goes a long way so they should last well and given the price that’s quite impressive!



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