My Bespoke Baia Bags

Baia Bags are a UK based handmade handbag brand that sell both ready made and bespoke handbags. They change their styles and fabrics seasonally and are just such a unique and exciting brand. I have been following Baia bags for a while now, knowing one day I would put in an order for a bespoke handbag.

When they released images of their gold speckled leather I knew the time had come! I ordered a Shoulder Bag in the mole speckle lid and a mix of charcoal suede and black leather with gold fixings.



I also ordered a Small Pouch in the mole speckle to go with my handbag and I had both embossed with my initials.



The shoulder bag was £390 and the pouch £38.

They are stunning. I think the bag is so unique and so me, I absolutely adore it. The pouch is perfect to keep small things safe in my handbag or as a mini evening clutch. I love that everything is handmade here in the UK and so lovingly put together. Susy who works at Baia was am absolute pleasure and made the whole experience lovely.

I am so happy that I have a Baia bag in my collection and am pretty sure there will be more in the future. I am also thinking those pouches would make perfect gifts…


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