Scent with Benefits

I am sure most of you will have heard of Clarins Eau Dynamisante as I guess that was the original “Treatment Fragrance”. I only recently realised there were other fragrances in the range and I fell in love with this one – Eau Ressourcante (£32).

This fragrance is a blend of essential oils of Basil, Iris, Cedarwood and Sarsaparilla. It is meant to promote a feeling of total relaxation while providing scented moisture. It is also a non-photosensitising formula which is safe enough to wear in the sun.

This was my holiday fragrance when I went to Cyprus in the summer. It was fresh and perfect in the heat, and because it is a treatment fragrance my skin felt moisturised after spraying this, so I even took it to the beach with me!


Although I thought this would just be a summer fragrance I have found myself using it quite often this autumn. I think its because it has quite a spicy element to it, so perfect all year round.


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