Melt The Stress Away

Body Shop launched a new range of products called “Oils of Life” and they look amazing. I am working my way through my Sunday Riley oils (see here and here) so have resisted purchasing the facial oil from this range but I did get the twin ball facial massager (£16).


The massager is meant to be used with oils so this was perfect for me to use with my existing oils. I have this by my bedside table and I try and use it t least 2-3 times a week with my Luna Sleeping Oil. Occasionally I also use it as part of my morning routine with my Juno Oil, especially if my face is puffy or tired looking.

Facial massage is known to help improve skin tone and circulation, reduce puffiness, stimulate blood flow and improve lymphatic drainage. I watched Lisa Eldridge’s epic video to get some tips, but the Body Shop also have a video on how to use the massager (its quite funny!).

I absolutely love this massager. The metal balls are really cold to start with which feels amazing. I massage my face for about 2-5 minutes depending on my mood. I find it so relaxing and it definitely relieves any tension that I hold in my jaw, temples and neck which is why I love using this at bedtime. It’s not a hard step to add to my routine but hopefully is doing some good to my skin and helping the oils absorb better. If nothing else it feels amazing and is very relaxing! Would highly recommend this!


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