Investment Skincare (fail) – Chanel Le Weekend


I wrote about lusting after this cream in my skincare wish list way back in September 2013. Well 2 years later I took the plunge.

This is part of my investment skincare series ( see here and here and more to come!).  I got this in duty free in  Cyprus and it was about £56 (I think usually about £70).

This is meant to be for the weekends only as it is an exfoliating moisturiser. The cream contains May Rose water, combined with a high-tolerance glycolic acid. The cream itself is very light but moisturises really well so I didn’t feel like I needed anything more.
I have to say that unfortunately my skin did not like this cream at all. I think the glycolic acid just made me break out. Having tried it at least four times across a number of months it just keeps causing breakouts which I obviously don’t want! So I am sad to report that this investment purchase was a fail – oh well at least now I know!!



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