OGX Kukui Oil Shampoo and Conditioner

I have been curious about the OGX shampoo and conditioner range for a while now and finally decided to give it a go. I went for the Kukui Oil range as it promised to get rid of frizz, hydrate dry hair and give you a good hair day everyday!


OGX shampoos are sulphate free which I don’t specifically look for but have to say makes me feel better!

The shampoo is quite thick and luxurious and while it definitely cleans your hair it also leaves it soft and almost conditioned. The conditioner is very creamy and easily detangles my long dry hair. I normally try and leave the conditioner on for about 3-5 mins, but sometimes less! Both of them smell lovely which is of course important.

I have found that the two products really do make my hair feel really really soft and healthy and this feeling lasts longer than usual (i.e. more than four days!).

I am now of course dying to try more from the range (there are loads of different ones). The one that I am desperate to try next is the Tea Tree Mint one as it smells so fresh and minty but is also meant to be hydrating – perfect!


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