Eve Lom Cleanser – finally!

I know that everyone has tried and reviewed this product already but now its my turn! I guess I have known about this cleanser for a very long time but the price always put me off! Well I found a 20% off John Lewis voucher and decided the time was right to give this a go. This is this the Eve Lom Cleanser (£55 for 100ml).  No its not cheap. So once you get over that is it any good? Well I have to say that I do quite like this. Not sure I like it enough to repurchase it but it is definitely a very good cleanser.IMG_3263

First is the smell and consistency – the smell is very herbal! I love the smell but I think some could find it quite medicinal. The consistency is very thick and almost sticky before you start massaging it in, then it melts and it lovely and creamy. A small amount goes a very long way so a 100ml pot does last quite well. I use this on days when my skin is in a fragile state, I have a lot of makeup on or I just feel like I need a pampering session. I always use this in the evening with the hot flannel method. This definitely takes off all your makeup easily and leaves your skin feeling clean yet hydrated and soft.


So all in all its a very good cleanser and I have very much enjoyed using it, but I am still unsure if I would rush to buy it again – maybe when I get another 20% off!


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