Aromatherapy Associates Diffusion range – Aroma Actives


You know what its like when you hear that one of your favourite high end brands has a diffusion range – well you rush out to get your hands on it of course! I did exactly that with the Aromatherapy Associates diffusion range Aroma Actives. Its is available in Sainsbury’s supermarkets in the UK.

I browsed the available products for quite a long time before I settled on just one – the exfoliating cleanser (£7.50). This was a very strange choice for me as I dont ever use “scrubby” exfoliators on my skin, instead I like using acid exfoliators (see here). Well I should have stuck to that rule and picked something else to try! As you can see from the image below the scrubby bits are very very large and to be honest they feel very rough against the skin. I have used this twice to make sure that I dont like it and I am sure I will never put this on my face again!


Well next time I will probably try the Omega Rich Facial Oil or the Rejuvenating Anti-Age Mask! There are some quite lovely looking products so I wouldnt write off the range just yet but unless you like the really scrubby exfolitaors dont get this cleanser!!


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