Sanctuary Spa – Wonder Oil Serum


As you can see from the image above I am already halfway through this Wonder Oil Serum from Sanctuary Spa (£19.50). I actually bought it in August just before I went on holiday to Malaysia and I am so glad I did.

This was a key component of my in-flight and holiday skincare and I have to say my skin never behaved better. Normally after a 13 hour flight I have major skin issues, but not this time. I will do a separate post on my in-flight skincare soon but this was such a lovely product to use on parched skin. It also worked really well with the hot humid climate in Malaysia where my skin is normally not so dry.

So to use this you have to shake the bottle really well so the two layers mix together. Then pipette a few drops into your hands and massage into your face and neck. The texture is definitely oily and takes a while to absorb into the skin. If you have drier skin thats probably a good thing! The smell is quite fresh and citrusy which is nice.

I have found that my skin has responded really well to this product. I have had fewer breakouts and as I said my holiday skin was almost flawless for two weeks when I pretty much only used this as a moisturiser. I am very tempted to repurchase this when I finish it just to have it in case my skin goes crazy! I would highly recommend this although I dont know how well this would work on oilier skin.


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