Long Haul Travel – What to Wear

My biggest dilemma when traveling long haul (i.e. 10+ hours) is what to wear! I know that sounds strange but there are so many things one outfit needs to do.

1. Temperature – I mostly travel from the UK (cold) to Malaysia or South Africa (very warm) to see family. This is a huge problem as I take off in freezing UK and land in hot humid Asia/Africa! Also planes are often very cold or very hot or both!

2. Comfort – I think I can wear skinny jeans on plane for up to 6-7 hours max, after that its just not good! So whatever I choose to wear on long flights has got to be comfortable enough to sit/sleep in for many hours without looking like a right mess on landing!

3. Fashion- ok well I don’t mean Victoria Beckham standards but still I don’t want to look awful just because I am flying. A lot of travelling time is also spent in airports – shopping, eating etc. So I do like to look reasonably well put together!

So this is my wardrobe solution to all the above!


I go for a loose fitting cotton trousers that are therefore extremely comfortable, not too thick but warm enough. I think this is quite stylish too and a perfect addition to the holiday wardrobe.

I pair this with a simple T-shirt (mine is from Zara)- normally black (in case of any spillages!!) and a cardigan which can be removed at the warm end!


I chose to wear Birkenstocks this time as it was summer in the UK when I left but I did of course have socks with me for the flight.

I also packed a huge cotton scarf in my hand luggage in case I was still cold or just wanted a blanket!

As far as I am concerned that is my perfect long haul travel outfit!



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