Ripped Jeans and Jewels @ Zara

As always popping into Zara is a dangerous thing, but I did it anyway and paid the price! I found two things this time (I could have found more but I stopped looking!). The first were a pair of skinny ripped jeans. I have seen ripped jeans becoming more and more popular as the weather warms up and became slightly obsessed with looking at Instagram pictures of them! So when I spotted this pair in Zara I was sold at £39.99. They are the perfect denim shade, with the right amount of rips for me in the right places! The one on the upper thigh is ever so slightly risky but not too! I also like that they  they are ankle grazers – my most worn style! So swiftly a size 12 landed in my arms!




The next thing was a much harder decision, not because I don’t LOVE them but because they were a slightly eye watering £69.99. These are beautiful crystal encrusted heeled sandals. There is something so retro chic about these, like something you would wear in the French Riviera sipping a dirty martini?? Anyway I love them. I think they look amazing paired with my ripped jeans – a nice combination of ultra chic with a rougher edge. I also think these would look fab with summer shorts? They are definitely coming with me on holiday this year!





So as always Zara comes up trumps and I come out broke!


4 thoughts on “Ripped Jeans and Jewels @ Zara

  1. can you give me a style name of the jeans to find the same cut? How do they call this cut.
    i look for some a little loose around the hips but very tight at the ankle.
    Thank you

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